*The following work is that of the original Tim Allender Files (previously named "The Tim Allender Stories"). This story was written in 2011 and has been edited significantly over the years to follow. Please note that this story is very outdated now, with hardly any parts of it still being canon to the S.S.C Series.*

A Normal Day?

The Beginning-

In the beginning I was just a normal kid doing my ordinary tasks of the day. Nothing special, I was just another normal kid trying to make it through a seemingly endless school day like all the other kids. Our school was a nice place. But you could surely call it...different than most other places. Many things happened around the school that many people didn't know. In all, there were nice teachers, nice food, and nice kids. But of coarse not everyone can be like the rest. There were many bullies in our school too. They were part of a top-secret club called THEM. However, the club was often called THEY for top secret reasons. They would pick on kids all the time, showing no mercy towards us. But we kids had some help to fight against THEY. There was another group called The S.S.C, however most kids just called them: The Fighters Club. They were a friendly bunch and even though there were only a few of them, they were still very strong and dedicated to fighting for our safety. I had never seen them in action but i have heard they were amazing fighters, that could take on almost anything. My name is Tim Allender...and this is my story.

Just a Normal Day?-

I think it all began the day I was talking to my friend James in the hallway about the increasing attacks of THEY. James had been my best friend for years now. He was tall for our age and was pretty strong, but he was a nice guy who I knew I could always confide in if I ever I had a problem. "Did you hear about what happened to Ron last week?" asked James. "No what happened" I asked in my usual boisterous and loud voice. "He was in the locker room by himself, when he was attacked by some THEY members who wanted his money!"  I was shocked by this. THEY members had never attacked a kid I knew personally, like Ron. "Did they get the money?" I asked, looking down at my feet. James paused for a moment but then said "They almost did but the fighters stopped them before they could." I was relieved to hear this and I began to walk to my next class. "See-ya later Tim!" shouted James as i walked away. On my way there I headed for a short-cut to my next class when all of a sudden i heard yelling coming from a room in the corner of the gym. I walked inside and was astonished too see a fight going on between some kids! It had to be the fighters v.s THEY! I began too walk out when i was pulled back by a bruised-up hand! I looked behind me and saw a mean looking boy, looking at me in disdain. I tried to get away but his grip was to strong! So i turned around and punched him in the arm. It didn't seem to do a thing. I wasn't a very good fighter. I kept hitting but the kid only laughed. "You punch like a girl!" he yelled. Then he punched me hard in my stomach. I staggered back in pain and i thought it was over. But then I saw the kid was running towards me, ready to finish me off! I closed my eyes and waited to be knocked out. I could tell that this was going to hurt.

A Hero-

But too my amazement, nothing happened! I opened my eyes and saw that the mean looking kid had been stopped by a tall, brown haired kid i had never seen before. The kid had just saved me! The brown haired hero turned around to look at me and shouted "Get out of here kid!" I decided to listen to him and I ran for the door. But of coarse when I got out I opened the door a little to see what was happening. All the stories about the fighters were true. They WERE wonderful fighters. There movements were so quick and agile, it was true that they were definitely experts. There were about twenty-four kids in that room in-all. But I was mainly focused on the kid that saved me, and how the fight would turn out. My hero punched the kid in his shoulder and tripped him with a quick spin on the floor. The bully then jumped up and began to kick the hero in the side. Eventually my hero was cornered and it looked as if he was going to lose, when all of a sudden the hero tackled him and they ran into a wall. My hero got him in a head lock and spun him around until he finally let go, sending the mean kid into another wall. The bully jumped up and attempted to flip my hero over his shoulder but the kid countered the attack by elbowing him in the chest, causing the bully to fall down in pain. The bully ran out the door without looking back. The battle raged on for quite a while until eventually the fighters won. I was silently cheering to myself as i watched the fighters celebrate over the victory. Finally they stopped and exchanged high-fives until they all began to leave through different doors. Finally everyone was gone except for the kid that had saved me earlier. I was going to walk in and thank him but i decided against it. I watched him stand there but then he stiffened up and looked in my direction. He knew i was there!

My Master-

I was about to run away when he shouted "wait!" He opened the door and looked at me for a while, like I was an alien. Finally he spoke up in a scornful voice. "Why did you walk into the middle of a battle like that you could have been badly hurt!" I said "I was dragged in there by one of those bullies." He then yelled again "You were a horrible fighter out there, don't you know how to give a good punch?!" I paused for a moment but I finally said "No...I am not very good at are clearly better than me." He then said " my opinion everyone is just as good of a fighter than anyone else." "All they need is a little help." I shook my head like i understood but i really had no idea what he meant. The kid spoke again "My name is Eric... what is your name?" "I am Tim Allender" i said. Eric looked at me some more and said "How would you like to be my apprentice Tim?" I was shocked by this. " want me you kidding right?.......i can't believe it. Eric spoke up "Is it a yes or a no?" "sure" i said "i would love to fight along-side you and the others." "It would be an honer." He said he would meet me at recess to practice and he walked off. I was so excited. I had to tell someone.  So on my way to recess i told James the good news. "Wow... you are really part of the fighters group now?" asked James. "I think so." i said "And pretty soon i am going to kick those bullies butts!" James seemed shocked and he said he had to go. So James ran off and i headed towards Eric, who was standing next to an old tree. I ran up to him and i loudly yelled "SO! WHAT DO WE DO FIRST!" i yelled. Eric looked up at me and said "First...we change your attitude."


I was confused at first. And i said "What do you mean!"  Eric calmly said "You are to loud and to annoying." Being an Fighter means you have to be wise,smart,and diligent." "What about strong!?" I yelled. Eric looked at me and said           "knowledge is far more important than brute strength." "I don't understand" I said. "You will someday." said Eric in his usual, calm voice. "So from now on i want you to be calm,diligent,and understanding." "only then can you be a TRUE hero." I was annoyed by this, but i nodded my head. "Now give me 100 push-ups!" Eric yelled. At first I thought he was just trying to make a joke, but when i looked at his eyes, i could tell he wasn't kidding. I got down and started the push-ups. I got to 24 before i stopped. "What are you doing, don't give up!" Eric yelled. So i kept going, i lost track of the numbers but Eric was silently counting in his head, above me. "Keep going!" My hands were burning and i was already sweating. "I can't do it." I said. "don't give up!" he yelled. I went faster but my legs started to go numb. My heart was beating really hard...could i make it? "Keep going, don't give up!" Eric yelled some more. I was getting slower and my side began to hurt. I could tell people were beginning to crowd around to watch me. They chanted for me to keep going. Eric yelled "You can do, you can do it!" I started to yell in pain. I was sweating like crazy. My arms were giving out. Eric told me to hurry. So i went a little faster but my heart couldn't let me go further. More people started to come and watch. I yelled in pain some more and i began to stop. But then i realized that they were counting on me to do this, and do it right.


My face was dripping with sweat. And I was aching all over. My breathing became more erratic as I continued. "Don't give up, you can do it!" Eric kept saying. Some kids were cheering. Others just looked at me astounded. As I looked at the crowds I saw that James was standing in the crowd too. However he was not cheering. He was just looking at me with his arms crossed. I couldn't feel my arms anymore and I was in great pain. But i kept going. I kept thinking to myself I can do it, I can do it. I got faster and people cheered some more. I looked up at James again but he was standing away from the crowds, talking to a kid at the corner of the play ground. They kept looking over at me and then they started to argue. "Almost!" shouted Eric. I yelled again in pain. I thought I could not continue. But my body wanted to finish. My heart was beating so loud I was sure i could hear it. finally after about five minutes my arms gave-way and I fell to the ground. I had given up. I just couldn't do it. The crowds cheered and started to walk off. I turned my self over and looked up at the sky. My breathing was crazy. After a while Eric took my hand and helped me up. I looked at him and i felt light headed and very sleepy. I tried to speak but it felt like i was going to puke. Finally I managed to say "I...sorry...I failed you....Eric, i couldn't do 100 push-ups." Eric looked at me and finally said. "You are right,you couldn't do 100... you did 157!"

The New Me-

I was shocked by what Eric said. But he was not lying, I could tell. I gave a big smile. I looked over at the spot where James and the other kid were standing. They were both gone. "You have done a great job today Tim." "You deserve a rest." said Eric, and he walked away. I was happy I had done such a good job. The next day I woke up feeling sore all over. I could barely get out of bed. That day I spoke with Eric about the battle i had witnessed. "We were going on a mission to find a missing fighters member." "He was taken by one of THEY's leaders named TALON." "We found our missing member but as we retreated with him we were cornered by the group of THEY members, lead by TALON." "We began to fight, and that is about the time you came in." "Talon eventually got away during the fight though." "Who trained you?" I asked querulously. "I trained myself" said Eric. "Eventually i was allowed into the fighters club to fight against THEY." Then Eric looked down at his feet and said sadly: "THEY have been attacking innocent kids more and more... I think a war is bound to happen...and soon." "Don't worry" I said "With me on your side there is no-way you can lose." Eric looked up with a smile on his face and he said "you never know...maybe someday THEY will turn to the light and become our new allies." "After all Those born by darkness can bring new light." I didn't understand what Eric meant again, and even though it annoyed me some more, i didn't mind. Eric was a great teacher and i knew it was only a matter of time before i could truly prove myself to him. "Now Tim" said Eric "Give me 100 sit-ups!" The old me would have totally said "No-way"  To a request like that. But i wasn't the old me anymore... I was an awesome member of the fighters and i never give up. So i began the sit-ups. This was the beginning of a hero.

A Bad Move

Early meeting-

It was about 4:00 in the morning on a Wednesday when my phone rang. I answered and it turned out to be Eric! We hadn't been getting along too well, over the past few months. He was starting to get on my nerves when he would tell me all these old sayings that i didn't understand or when he would give me missions that were so stupid and unimportant. I didn't want stupid missions i wanted exciting missions. And today over the phone, I was ready to finally tell him that. "Hello Tim" he said in his usual calm and collected voice. "Hey Eric." "Can you meet me at the park?" he said. I was shocked to hear that, maybe I would finally have a real mission. "Sure, I'll be right down" i said. Then he hung up. I quickly got ready and quietly headed to the old park. At first i didn't see anyone, but as i looked around i saw Eric quietly sitting under an old maple tree. I sat down with him without talking, we were both staring into the sky. We sat there for about 7 minutes before I finally spoke. "Eric, i want to have a REAL mission." "One that will make me a hero." Eric spoke up and said "Good things come to those who wait." This made me even more angry, but i tried not to show my frustration. "I called you hear to tell you something important." said Eric. "Tomorrow during lunch, all fighters members are needed to report to room number R6 for a meeting." I almost lept into the air to shout with glee. Even though it was just a meeting, it could lead to something bigger. Like the cool mission i was waiting for! "I'll be there." I shouted. We sat there for a few more minutes before i realized that he had nothing more to say. So I left.


It was hard trying to make it through the school day. I had to tell someone about the great honer I was going to have, to actually meet all the Fighters members and go on a mission with them! There was only one person i knew i could trust, to tell. And that person was James. I met James outside for recess. "Hey James i have great news." I shouted. "What is it?" "Tomorrow during lunch there is a meeting with all the fighters members." "They will probably give me a super-cool mission, finally." James seemed happy for me and he said "What room?"  I probably wouldn't have told most people what room, but i had known James for years, i could always count on him. "Room R6" I whispered. James seemed satisfied and told me good luck. He then ran into the school. The entire day i didn't see Eric, but i knew he was around. For the rest of the day (when no-one was looking) I would practice on my fighting moves. After all I sure would need them for the great mission I was about to have. That night I couldn't go to sleep, my mind was to busy,buzzing around with awesome thoughts of the adventures I would have tomorrow. I could picture it now. I would be cheered on by the entire school. I would be a legend, I would be popular, I would be... a hero.

The argument-

The day finally came. It felt like I had been waiting for months to see this great meeting. I barely paid attention during class. I was WAY to excited to listen to the boring things they had to say.when lunch finally came around I slipped out of sight and sneaked over to the meeting place. It was a medium sized room that had no computers,desks, or much of anything inside of it. The room was extremely quiet and no-one was there except for Eric! He was writing down plans on a board. "Where are the others?" I asked. I was getting worried. what if he was just kidding and they wouldn't show up at all? "They will take a while to get hear." "For now, just sit down and relax." I sat for a while as quiet as i could, but finally I couldn't take it anymore. "What is the meeting about." "What mission will they put me on?" Eric looked at me with a confused look on his face. "You aren't going on a mission." "I told you before: good things come to those who wait." At first I was shocked, but then i got ANGRY! "STOP IT!" i yelled. "I am tired of this, i am tired of you!" "I am tired of you telling me your dumb sayings that make no sense!" "What kind of hero are you!" "You can't even put me on a real mission!" "All you care about is yourself!" I was yelling so loud i was surprised a teacher didn't hear it and come into the room. I didn't say anything else. I just stood there giving Eric the dirtiest look i had. He looked at me like he didn't know me anymore. I didn't care what he would say. I was tired of him and I wasn't afraid to show it. And happened. I was so upset, so angry, so hateful. That I had no-time to see it coming... neither of us saw it coming. It is just amazing how something can turn from bad to worse is just seconds. Both doors leading into the room burst open! And Tons of THEY members came charging into the room!...It was an ambush!

Taken by surprise-

Before Eric and I could react we were pumbled by the kids and I felt a sharp pain in my side. I tried to stand up but it was no-use i was being pushed down. I frantically looked up trying to find Eric...but he was gone. THIS was the real deal. This time there was no-one there too save me. I was on my own. I managed to finally stand up and get out of the large crowd. But as soon as I did, tons of the kids broke out of the group and started coming toward me! I quickly ducked and missed being hit by a fist. Two of the kids tried to drag me back into the large crowd, but I was to strong for them.  As i punched a kid in the stomach, I once again looked out for Eric. He was still no-where to be seen. One of the kids twisted my arm and through me onto the floor, causing me to hit my face. He was about to do a body slam on me but I twisted around and tripped him into another THEY member. More attention was starting to be focused on me and more kids came my way to subdue me. I kicked one in his chest and threw another kid into a wall. I started to make my way towards a door but i was caught by my shoulder and dragged back in. Eight more kids came my way and although i tried my best to get away from them, it was no good. They cornered me in the back of the room and began to punch me in my stomach and shoulders. Just as the kids started to go for my face, tons of kids from the fighters club came pouring into the room! I was saved! Two kids from my side, were able to get the THEY members away from me. And I started to look again for Eric. There was still no sign of him anywhere. Once again,another THEY member jumped at me and elbowed me in the side of my face. I started to wobble backwards and he kept on hitting me! After a while I was able to counter-attack one of his punches and then i tripped him. My victory was short-lived though, because three more THEY members tackled me to the ground and once again, started to punch me. When i finally got out of the crowd of kids, I was hurting all over and I started to call for Eric. After a while someone from my side picked me up and took me outside. I looked up at him, but it wasn't Eric, it was just another random fighter from our side. He ran back into the battle and left me out there with all the other injured kids from our side. As i lied there i started to figure out where I went wrong. How did they know we were there?... Finally, I figured it out.

A bad move-

Finally it all made sense to me. There was only ONE, outside person that would know about this meeting. A person i had trusted for years. And that person was none other than James! As I fighters member, one of your main requirements is to use your head when making decisions. And lets face it I hadn't used my head to think this out at all. No-wonder Eric didn't trust me with any REAL missions, I was so stupid i couldn't see the enemy EVEN when it was right in front of me! I had failed everyone, myself,my team,and even Eric, who always there for me. "What kind of member am I?" I thought to myself. But then i thought the way Eric would have wanted me to think. There are two options 1.I could lie there a whimper to myself like a baby. or 2. I could do what Eric would want me too do, and keep on fighting as best as i could. And i picked 2. As i began to stand up, I saw a bulky kid, followed by two others run out of the battle! The bulky kid was not from our side and he looked pretty angry. He ordered the other two, to go back into the battle at different angles. But he stayed outside and kept running away. I got a pretty good glimpse of his face and it looked exactly like the pictures Eric had shown me that Talon looked like! That had to be Talon! If Talon got away again, all hopes of avoiding a war would be crushed.....I had to stop him.

A battle with Talon-

Even though i was limping, i ran after Talon as fast as i could. He saw me for sure, but that didn't slow him down. He was starting to leave school boundaries! And if I didn't catch him quick, I would miss my next class! He jumped over a fence and ran through a swampy part of grass. But that didn't slow me down. I could tell he was heading for some large housing additions that weren't very far away. If he got there I wouldn't be able to find him. I started to run faster, however Talon started to throw rocks back at me. I dodged some of them, but one hit me in the leg and i began to slow down. I threw a rock back at him and it hit him in his back! As he started to slow down i ran faster to catch up. I almost caught him by the collar of his shirt but he quickly jerked away and ran faster than before! I shouted for him to stop but it was no use. He started to zig-zag to try to confuse me but that didn't work. I started to slow down, i was getting to tired, and i was starting to sweat. But just as i was about to give up i remembered the time I had done 157 push-ups. If i could do that then i could certainly run faster than dumb-old-Talon. I started to run a little more faster. Talon was running so fast he didn't see the small hole that had been dug. His leg got stuck inside of it and he fell hard on the ground! He tried to get back up but it was to-late i had got him! It wasn't over yet though. "Fine you've caught me." "But lets see if you are as good of a fighter as you are a runner." He laughed. "Bring it on!" I yelled. And so...the fight began. Talon punched me in the stomach and kneed me in my side. I then got him in a choke-hold and elbowed him in the back. He fell to the ground but then tripped me! he got up really fast and started to step on my spine! As I yelled out in pain he just laughed! I grabbed a stick and threw it at his face. Talon stumbled backwards And I began to punch him in the chest. But before I could react he caught my fist and twisted my arm! I cried out in pain, but he didn't care, he just kept on laughing. Finally I was able to push him back and keep on fighting. As he was stumbling backwards I ran over and kicked him in his stomach he fell down to the ground and gave an angry yell.  He tried to kick me but i stepped back before he could manage it. Eric once told me that you could tell a lot about a person by looking into there eyes. And by the looks of it, Talon's eyes were telling me that he was getting really angry. Talon hopped up and ran towards me as fast as he could, he was able to knock me down but i was able to kick him hard in his side on my way down. Talon shouted out in pain as i got back up and hit him in the back of his head. Finally,just as i was about to do a body slam to finish it all off Talon spoke up in his scratchy,intimidating voice. "STOP! win!!" he yelled. I was overcome with joy at my great victory and i started to celebrate when I remembered the bad news,: WHERE WAS ERIC!?


I thought I was a hero that of the best fighter members there ever was or will be...I was wrong. I may have caught Talon and stopped a potential war...but I was still going to be held responsible for the ambush and for all the injuries that my teammates suffered that day. Later on that week i got word from one of my teammates that there was going to be a very serious meeting during lunch to discuss the ambush on Wednesday. It was then that i started to get worried. They would most likely fire me for what i had done. That day as I was walking towards the meeting place i kept thinking to myself "Why did i have to open my big, fat mouth!?"  But there was no changing the future now. I was going to be fired and that was that. I walked into the room and it was just as quiet as before, except this time, all the members were there! They were just so afraid that they would be blamed that they were to afraid to talk. I quietly sat down and just kept starring at my feet. Finally the leader of the fighters club came up in front of us all and started to speak "As you all has taken responsibility for the attack on Wednesday." "So now (after using spy impute) we now know who to blame this horrible ambush on....." I was starting to sweat they obviously knew it was me by now. The leader began to talk to us again, but right before he could speak, a voice shouted "Stop!" I turned around to see who it was. I was happy to see that it was Eric! He looked okay besides a few bruises and cuts around his face. I had no-idea what he was about to say...but even today i am still shocked about it. After pausing a moment Eric continued "I take FULL responsibility for this attack!" I was stunned by what he had just said. Eric KNEW that it was my fault that the attack happened yet he took the blame for me! Everyone (even the leader) was shocked by this turn of events. "Are you sure about that Eric?" the leader said "I was about to call on Tim." All eyes shifted to me. I could tell that they were all up-set. Eric continued to say "I am sure." I was about to yell out that it was ALL my fault but that would only make Eric mad. Finally (after waiting a while) the leader said "Even though you have been a great member Eric, we all know what must happen to anyone who discloses our whereabouts and information." "I am sorry Eric... but you are fired." And just like that it was over...all the kids left and the room was empty. I just sat there, though. I was still stunned by what Eric had just done. I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Eric (I could tell without looking). "Why...why did you do that for me?" I asked. Eric looked up at the sky and said the words I would never forget: "I have had many great adventures and acts of bravery...but you are just beginning Tim!" "Promise me...that you will never give up Tim...can you promise me that?" I started to feel a tear come to my eye. I was able to say "Yes....yes i promise to NEVER give up..." I started to cry and cover my eyes, but that couldn't change what had just happened. Finally when I was done crying I looked up and was about to say more to Eric...but he was gone.

Tim Allender-

I never did see Eric again. But do I really need to? In my opinion his words and stories will always be with me, no-matter what. After that day I realized that I really needed to shape-up, because this time Eric wouldn't be there to save me again. After that day I made it a goal of mine to act more like Eric would have wanted me too. And you should know by now that when i make a goal for myself...i always accomplish it.

Starting Over

A new beginning-

After Eric had left, I felt lost, how could I start-over after all that had happened? But like all decisions I would make from then-on, I had to think like Eric would have wanted me to think, and that is what lead me to my next big move. Something that would start-over all that had happened and create a new story for myself and for others. So my first move was to obviously get an apprentice of my own! But even before I would do that I had to tie up some loose ends. And what I mean by that is that I'd have too talk with James. James and I hadn't spoke since the time I told him about the secret meeting. Since then, we haven't made any contact. But if I were to get a new apprentice, I would have to make sure that James did not interfere again.To be honest, I was afraid too confront James. Like I mentioned before, James and I had been friends for a long time. And now (after all we had been through) confronting him would be hard for me. But that would not detour me from this mission. So the next day at recess I made my move. James seemed surprised too see me. It was clear that he had not expected me to talk to him anytime soon. I started off simple "Hello James." He tried to keep his cool and said "Hey there Tim, how have you been?" It was clear he was playing stupid and this made me upset. But I continued the chat "Not to good James....there was an attack on the secret meeting we were planning.........then already know that don't you?" I started to close in on him. I didn't expect to fight James, but I would if it was needed. James pretended to look shocked by what I said but I could see through his fake emotions. "I don't know what you are talking about." he said. "You are lying!" I shouted "I know that you were the one that told the THEY members about the meeting." "You almost got me fired!" He finally stopped pretending to be surprised and spoke in a very annoyed tone "In my opinion the fighters team are the bad guys here not us!" "And I will continue to give away your positions until almost everyone in the fighters team is fired!" So it was true, James really was a THEY member! But I wouldn't back down now, so I started to speak in as calm of a voice as I could manage. "No you won't." "If you EVER try to send another attack on our group again, I will beat you down...just like Talon!" James finally seemed shocked. And very upset too. At first he was speechless before he managed to say: "YOU! was YOU who defeated Talon!" "Because of you, our attacks have been pushed back months!" James started to get in a battle position. He was ready to take me down. But like Eric once said: "He, who fights in anger always loses...even if they win." So I walked away. "Stop!" screamed James from behind me. "Are you even listening to me!" But I didn't turn around. I kept walking. The past was behind me now. NOW it was time for the future. Me and James never did speak to each other again,which made me upset, but a fighters member has to always be strong. Now, it was time to find an apprentice.

The right decision-

Picking an apprentice to carry on what you have taught them and picking one that is still strong enough to carry on without me,was going to be a challenge. I still think Eric made a bad decision picking me. Many of the kids I knew were all in there own universe. They thought that they should always be the center of attention and that the world revolved around them. I needed someone who was open-minded,not shut up like a clam. There was only one person I knew that fit that description...and his name was Nick. I had met Nick last year, and talked to him at lunch sometimes. He was a nice kid who was very smart and responsible. And with some training, I was sure that i could make him unbelievably strong. So, Nick was my new target, question is, Would he become my apprentice? I guess there was only one way to find out, and that is by asking him. That day at lunch, i made my way through the crowds of kids to find good-ole Nick. After scanning the lunch room a couple times, i found him. He was sitting at the lunch table, by the wall. I walked over to him and sat down. "Hey Tim, i haven't talked to you in a while." I greeted him and began to explain why I had come to speak to him. I talked about THEY and James,I talked about Talon and the fighters club,I talked about Eric and the big ambush, and in the end Nick seemed a little overwhelmed. After he was able to understand everything I had told him, he still looked confused. "So, why are you telling me this?" I finally asked him if he would like to be my new apprentice. And once i did, he looked more serious. "Gee Tim, I don't know about if i could do stuff like that." "I am just not cut-out for it ya-know?" I was sad to hear this, Nick was the only person i knew could become a great apprentice. "At least consider it." i said. He nodded his head that he would consider and i left to get some food.

A kid named Machine-

For the past few weeks, a new threat calling himself Machine began to emerge. After Talon was beat up and captured by me, Machine took leadership over THEY. I had never seen Machine but i heard that he was a tall and strong kid. There was a story going around that Machine was able to beat up seven fighter members at once before calling for backup! Many people believed he couldn't be stopped by the fighters club. But the way i see it is that there were three ways to take Machine down. 1.We could wait till the year was over and hope that his bullying would die out over the summer. 2.Find Machine's master and defeat him. or 3. Take him down myself, HEAD ON! Option 1 seemed to be to much waiting and hoping so that was not a good option. And option 2 would be hard. There were other stories going around saying that Machines master was called Corruption, but that could be a rumor. So there was only one option left: Take on Machine myself! The school year was starting to come to an end, if i didn't defeat Machine before then, it was possible that he could get worse over the summer! I had to attack soon. As I was beginning to lay down the phone rang. To my surprise, it was Nick! "Tim, I've been thinking about what you said...and i have decided that i will become your apprentice." I was overcome with joy, after hearing this. "Thanks Nick." "We will practice tomorrow." and then we hung up.

Training Nick-

When it came to training my new apprentice, i wanted to use some of the training methods, Eric tried with me. But I also wanted to add-in some of my own training methods too. When Nick finally arrived, I got straight to the point. "Alright Nick, give me 50 push-ups!" Nick looked shocked "What!...that is so unfair!" I just chuckled to myself and thought "You don't know how lucky you are."  Nick began to do the push-ups faster than I expected. It wasn't long before he was at thirty! Unlike Eric though, I did not encourage him to go on. I just kept watching, hoping that he could make it. As Nick began to get into the forties, he began to slow down. I still kept quiet though. A fighters member needs to learn that to do his or her job right. They need to learn that the master won't always be there to encourage them to do better. Nick kept going he was at 44. Some kids from around the park, started to clap for him. Nick was almost there. He was at 47! He began to pant and groan in pain. I wanted SO badly to shout for him to keep trying, but I stuck to my method and i kept quiet. Nick was in pain. You could see it on his face. He was at 49! More kids started to clap a cheer him on. Finally Nick did one of the most wobbly push-ups i had ever seen. But it was good enough. Finally I cheered at his good work. He was out of breath but it was clear he could have made it further if he tried hard enough. The kids started to leave and after I gave Nick a great pep-talk i told him it was time to run a few laps around the track. Nick seemed disappointed but his heart was in the right place, i could tell that. And even though this was a great day (And I was happy to be Nick's master) I still had to keep in mind, that the big battle with Machine, was coming...and i was running out of time.

Chatting with Nick-

Finally it was time to make the big move. I had been sending Machine messages for a while now discussing when the battle should take place, and where. We had finally agreed on meeting at the old park at nighttime,tomorrow. Over the past few days Nick had gotten much stronger. After a while Nick even looked forward to our practice sessions! He was asking me about the practice session tomorrow but I had to tell him the news. "Nick, tomorrow we won't have time for the practice session, I am meeting with Machine tonight to fight him and make sure he never bothers another kid again." Nick seemed sad at first but then his eyes lit up with joy. "Do I get to come along and help you fight him?" Nick meant well but it was just to dangerous to bring Nick along to fight. "Sorry Nick this is just to big of a job." "You haven't been trained enough." I was afraid of how Nick would react. After all i didn't take it to well after Eric told me I wasn't ready yet. But to my surprise Nick only said "Oh....i understand...maybe some other time." I was shocked by Nick's reaction. It seemed a little strange. Something wasn't right. But i had no-time to worry, the battle was tomorrow and i had to practice. The entire day all I could think about was the fight with Machine. He has been proven to be stronger then Talon but what I worry about most is, is Machine smarter? After all, brains v.s brons is a never ending battle. Both are about the same in power. But if you have BOTH then you truly are powerful. Only now did Tim's seemingly wacky sayings make sense. While i was practicing i started to think about Nick's surprising reaction. But I still thought it wasn't anything to worry about...If I had only known how wrong i was...

Battling Machine-

It was 2:00 in the morning. My parents were asleep and so was everyone else on our street. But I was wide awake, and ready for the fight that awaited me. I got to the old park later than I expected, but it didn't matter, Machine was still there, waiting for me. When he saw me he grinned the widest most evil grin i had ever seen. "So you made it Tim." "I thought you might chicken-out." "How has you apprentice been?" I was confused that Machine would mention Nick but i told him anyways. "He is doing fine...why are you asking?!" Machine grinned even wider and he started to laugh maniacally. I started to put two and two together and I finally understood. "What did you do to him!" i yelled. It was then that Machine told me what occurred a few hours ago:"Your dumb partner came to me earlier wanting to fight me impress you."  I started to get upset, but i kept listening to what Machine was saying. "He was a pretty good fighter... but not good enough." He started to laugh again. I was burning with anger and I screamed "What did you do!" After Machine was done laughing, he finally answered "Well...lets just won't be hearing from him EVER again!" Then Machine pulled out a knife! It was hard to see in the dark, but it looked as if there were stains of blood on it! My heart seemed to skip a beat. Something seemed out of balance but i couldn't tell what it was. I had no room for words, all i could do now was fight! I ran up to him and punched him in the stomach and then kneed him in his face. He got back up and swung the knife at me! I was able to doge it and kick it out of his hands.  Machine got me in a choke hold and twisted my arm. I broke away and kicked him on my way down to the ground. Machine started to get angry and he said "You are the next one to die!"  I got up but Machine rushed over to me and drop-kicked me to the ground. Machine got up first and kicked me down to the ground. He was about to punch me in the back but i rolled out of his way just in time. I ran at him as fast as i could and kicked him back. But he didn't fall down this time, he then started to corner me by punching me in my stomach multiple times. I cried out in pain, but it wasn't like anyone could hear me. He managed to punch me is my face and hit me is my nose with his wrist. He was getting better and i had to stop him, FAST! Machine charged at me and ran me into the slide. I was able to climb up the slide to safety but it wasn't long before Machine followed. I tried to punch him but he caught my fist and pushed me against one of the rails! And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse he was able to pick me up and throw me of the bridge of the playground! I hit the ground with a loud THUD! I started to moan some more. But it still was no-use. Machine was coming my way to finish me off. But I wouldn't give up so easily. As he stopped to gloat above me, I kicked him in his chest,quickly got up, and hit him as hard as i could in his face. I was starting to get angry but i remembered to calm myself down. Machine was getting upset again and kept trying to punch me, but i dodged most of the punched and blocked some others. I rolled over to another are and then lept at Machine and started to punch him in the face some more. As Machine yelled out in pain, it gave me time to get off him and elbow him into the ground. Finally it was over. "Okay...okay you win i give up." yelled Machine. I almost believed him but after getting a glimpse of his eyes, I knew he was lying! While Machine was on the ground, he was able to pick up the knife i had hit out of his hands earlier! I was able to jump back before he could stab me but Machine stood up and quickly jumped at me! I was too slow to get away in time he was able to cut me with the knife! As I staggered back in pain i backed into the old tree that me and Eric sat under at the meeting. I must have hit the tree pretty hard because when i did, a large branch fell from the tree and it landed right on top of machine! Machine was groaning with pain and i would have captured him but my arm hurt so much i needed to go home and patch it up. I would have to wait till next year to finally get rid of him. But like Eric once said "Good things come to those who wait."

The beginning of the end-

I never did hear from Nick again, even his parents never made contact with me. Whatever happened to him though, he would ALWAYS be my apprentice. The end of the school year finally came along and it wasn't long before school started up again. Just another year of bullies and more battles. But with no living apprentice of my own, how would I continue to pass on all I had learned...all I would learn. As I was walking down the hallway I heard Random Kid yell "run away! it is Machine!" As I peaked around a corner I saw Machine was bullying a kid (who I heard his name was Brett). As Eric once said: When you can't find what you are looking for, let what your looking for find you. And I always can trust him. This... was just the beginning of a new adventure.

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