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Rick was born in 1997 and would grow in popularity among his peers until ultimately joining James in the Brotherhood of Death in 2011. He would later harass Tim for all of 2012, and leading into 2013 before eventually being confronted by George and Tye, who outed his true intentions to the SSC, and later to the school. As such, Rick would go into hiding for some time, governing Brotherhood forces at the Death Pit. When the SSC eventually stormed the premises, Rick would manage to capture both units, only for them to later be freed by the combined forces of Brett, Tim, and Commander Delta. Rick would attempt to escape the ensuing brawl, only to be chased down and then defeated by Brett. He would then be questioned by the SSC, who granted him protection in exchange for information on the Brotherhood and Night Riser. Rick begrudgingly accepted these terms and returned to a normal life outside of fighting.

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Rick was an incredibly popular individual at the Toparsburg school for quite some time, However, as James attempted to rebuild The Brotherhood of Death, he successfully enlisted Rick to join him, making Rick one of the commanding figures of the Brotherhood alongside Blade. Rick, Blade, and other trusted Brotherhood soldiers would go on to harass/attack Tim Allender outside of the public's/SSC's eyes. This would ultimately throw Tim into a highly stressed state for quite some time as the attacks continued. Eventually, Tim revealed to the SSC that Rick was indeed an enemy, and George and Tye volunteered themselves to expose his allegiances to the school, as Rick's popularity made it difficult to attack him outright, without reason. After some initial trouble, George and Tye successfully filmed Rick's true intentions, leaking the information to the SSC and the school. Rick would flee the scene shortly afterwards and go on to go into hiding at The Death Pit, which The Brotherhood of Death established to be their primary base of operations. The SSC would later mount a large strike against the Pit, with Rick preparing for the siege (thanks to advice from Night Riser). The SSC was ambushed as they entered the establishment, resulting in most every member being captured and taken to the top section of the barn. Rick would be called by James during this time and ridiculed for his failure to capture Brett and Tim, who had since worked alongside Delta to disguise themselves as enemy soldiers and access their captured comrades. Before Rick could attempt to get more information out of the prisoners, he was attacked by Tim, who he'd manage to escape from, and, realizing the Brotherhood to be in a losing state, attempted to flee the scene entirely. Brett would manage to chase down the commander and beat him in a fight. He would then be sent to an SSC holding center and questioned. Although initially resistant, Rick would eventually agree to give information on the Brotherhood so long as the SSC protected him from his group's wrath. He'd particularly reveal that Night Riser had been giving the Brotherhood information on the SSC, finally allowing Brett and Tim to realize some of Night Riser's darker intentions. Rick would later be released and return to a life outside of fighting.

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Rick's personality in the public eye was both charismatic and charming, but was ultimately a cover for his more brutal outlook on those around him, as well as his negative views regarding the SSC. He was a fairly skilled tactician, able to give orders to stealthily take out a unit of SSC members with complete silence. He was difficult to read, though could be easily angered if things did not go according to plan. He was mindful enough to know when he was beaten or stuck between a rock and hard place decision-wise. Despite his somewhat stone-faced demeanor, he harbored some fear towards his master and the Brotherhood, as he recognized the danger they could pose if he failed them. His vanity for himself and his safety was also notable. He was described as having good looks and a muscular build, although not as powerful as his counterpart Blade. He also had brown hair, with some follicles styled to hang down into his forehead. His eyes were a dark brown tone and his skin was an average white coloration. His eyebrows were notably long. Like other Brotherhood soldiers, he possessed a skull mask which he had the option of dawning along his lower jaw in order to conceal his identity, though Rick did not prefer to wear this. Rick was still incredibly gifted and hand-to-hand combat, being trained by James himself for an unspecified amount of time.

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