*The following work is that of the original Brett Blakley Files (previously named "The Brett Blakley Stories"). This story was written in 2011 and has been edited significantly over the years to follow. "Version 2" is what the stories looked like after having been edited slightly by Dominic Twardowski. Please note that this story is very outdated now, with hardly any parts of it still being canon to the S.S.C Series.*

 The Beginning

The entire story begins with me obviously. If I remember correctly, it started out so simple. What would soon become my entire world started out as a normal day when I was just walking down the hallway. As I made my way to class there was a crash down the hall and my friend Random Kid came running down the hallway with a look of horror on his face Without hesitating, he quickly yelled "Machine is coming, get out of here!" I was too shocked to move and I had no idea how I could escape Machine the bully. Before I could do anything, Machine ran into me, grabbed me, and began to choke me. No-one ever stood up to Machine, he seemed like an un-stoppable force that ruled the school. He continued to hold me up in the air and slammed me against the wall. He grinned evilly and spoke with a booming voice "are you afraid runt?" To be honest, I was completely freaked out, I was all alone with Machine. Machine would surely beat me to a pulp just for standing in his way. Machine would attack kids all the time. Those kids wouldn't often even have time to run. I figured I would get beat up anyways so I gathered up all my courage and said "in your dreams freak". Machine's face swelled up like I had just hit him in the face. And for a moment, just for a moment Machine didn't seem so scary. But that feeling changed when head butted me and hit me in the chest. The back of my head hit the wall and everything seemed to be a dream. Machine's face seemed blurred and so did the floor. There were no teachers or kids around, if Machine beat me up, nobody would be there to help me. Then, as my vision blurred some more, all of a sudden Machine was tackled by an unknown hero. I watched as the hero took a book and smashed Machine's big head into the ground. At first I thought I was just seeing things, nobody ever stood up to Machine. And if they did, then Machine would surely make them pay. Next thing I knew, the hero was standing above me. As my vision cleared up, I noticed that he looked a lot like me, but with smooth, dark hair. He finally spoke up, "hello my Tim Allender". I spoke in awe at the kid who had just saved me, "thanks for saving me Tim". He looked at me and glared "you call me sir, and this is far from over!". He seemed to smile a bit like he wanted me to know he wasn't as serious as he gave off. However, I felt like calling him sir did show a lot more respect. But how could I re-pay a kid who just saved me from the school's most dangerous bully? I laughed hesitantly and said "We should hang out some time."

Next day:

In the morning, I ran into Tim in the hall. He seemed happy to see me and said "hey, how is your head?" I smiled at him, "it's fine, I just don't want to run into Machine again". He laughed, "I see, what is on your mind?" His question was confusing to me, I just shrugged my sholders and said, "nothing". He looked at me strangely and after a short silence said "do not be embarrassed, sometimes thoughts are a bad thing unless they are thoughts of awesomeness and adventure." He winked and said "you're a pretty cool guy"." I don't even know you, wow". He just laughed some more, "yeah, well I can tell we're going to be great friends" then we came up with our secret handshake.

Next day:

The next day was Saturday and I went to Tim's house to spend the night. I had all my stuff, when I got there, he alredy had some weights in his hands. "Come with me, we're going to do a work out." he said coolly. I was never really interested in working out. It seemed so pointless, it wasn't like I was going to be a wrestler when I grew up. But something about Tim made it seem like you could never say no to him. "yes sir, as you wish" I said. He did most of the work-outs and I just walked around. I could tell he spent lots of time in this room. After a while I got changed and then we were in his pool. To be honest I was already embarrassed because when I jumped in I swallowed water and nearly coughed my lungs out. Something about Tim also made it seem like you couldn't mess up in front of him. It was an odd frindship between me and Tim, it made no sence to me why I had to be so perfect around him. After a while of swimming I started to notice that Tim was constantly on edge about his surrondings. He also took tons of laps around the pool, but every movement he made, he was always keeping his eyes and ears open for trouble. It made some sence, I would always be watching my back too if I fought bullies like Machine. Weather Tim noticed or not, I was watching him. Tim was like a code I ha to crack. I felt like he was keeping something from me. But i pushed that idea out of my head and started to relax. Tim didn't speak to much. But when he did, he always had cool things to say. I was starting to relize how bullies might not like him. But everyone else did. As far as friends went, Tim was a great one.

Next day:

At school the next day, Tim's popularity was growing as mine was born. It wasn't for me hanging out with him. I just learned how to be cool and I took after him. One of Tim's dreams was to be the most popular kid in school...there was an enemy though...Machine. Machine was not popular but kids were so frightened of him they had to say he was popular. Are you starting to see how this works out? I had a dream too. It was to be his best friend and too see Machine thwarted by my Tim's hands. Now don't get me wrong, Tim understood that popularity was not the most important thing. But he was dedicated to be more popularity so he could spread the word of something called the S.S.C or as it is often called: The Fighter Club. I didn't understand what that was, and I didn't ask him. Tim liked me to learn things on my own rather than him teaching them to me. But one thing that he would always tell me was that Machine would be defeated, and peace would return. If only I would have known how hard that would really be.

Next day:

My other dream was to run three miles or more. Oh yeah, a big challenge. So to impress Tim, I tried it out. But it was not meant to be. I made it to one mile before falling to my knees and yelling "I can't do it!" I fell down and sulked while gasping for breath. After I calmed down, Tim ran over and pulled me up, "it is okay" he said. "you may have failed today, but you can always try again", "you will try again... and you will succeed". He continued, "Never give up, hear me Brett?" I responded with all the air I had left "sir yes sir!" Believe me, I would like to lie and say that I was able to run the three miles on my next try. But I have to tell the truth. I ran again without a drink and made it to two miles. The next day I tried again and made it to two and a half. But the dream of running the complete three miles was out of reach. From that day-on, Tim would always help me in my mission to run the three miles. He supported me and often said I should join track. But I was never really a fan of school activities. It is hard to say for sure, but I think I always knew what Tim was up to. He was able to mask emotions very well, but I knew that he had a plan. It seemed to be a plan to remove the doors that stood in the way of peace for good. And in the plan,...I was the key.

Next day:

I woke feeling sore but I didn't care. I went into my hall and did 50 push ups. For what reason I did it, I didn't care. I was a knew me, a me that was much more kind and understanding. I even did chin ups and other work-outs that I seemed to like. I got like 28. Even though I was sore, I had a great day, I felt good, and Tim was proud. On the mile at gym, I had the best time out of all the students in the school. Tim was proud once again.

Next day:

Tim met me in his neighborhood after school. I could tell this would be a different meeting than usual. He looked me in the eye and said "it is time". "yes sir" I said... "but for what exactly?". Tim spoke softly and said "There is something I never told you"... "It is about Machine." he continued "he has kids that back him up when in danger." "These helpers are part of a club called THEM." "THEM is mostly called THEY for security reasons." "many have done battle with Machine and THEY, but never succeeded." "Machine has been known to kill." he paused for a while "I once knew a poor soul that died at his hands... I can't tell you the name though,... too personal." "And I bet he will continue to cause more trouble if we don't do something." "We could be next but...who cares?" "now it is time to start training"... "we have a battle to win". Tim then spoke one more time "Machine will fall at your hands not mine." "You have proven yourself to me, and I give you the honor to defeat this monster." I nodded and said "thank you sir" "I will not disappoint you"...If I would have known what would happen eventually, I would have never started... 

Breaking, Machine

 It was another normal day at school. Except today was a Friday. Everyone was awake and ready to be dismissed by bell. As I left the room, my friend the Random Kid came running down the hallway to meet me. It seemed like ever since I became friends with Tim, everyone liked me a whole lot more. Even the friends I already had. Before I knew it, three other kids came running for me. They were all asking me things at the same time. Their words got all jumbled up until I had a serious headache. Tim eventually came over and broke up the crowd. "We will be right back" Tim said with a hint of frustration. Our new popularity was getting in our way of training. Everyone wanted to meet the kids who would take down Machine. "Looks like your drawing quite the crowd." Tim chuckled. "Yeah" I said "But your still my best friend." Tim smiled for a moment but it started to turn into more of a frown. He started to say something, but I couldn't hear him over the sound of more kids coming our way."I'll see you later Tim!" I yelled. But he could hardly hear me. I then headed for the bus. It was going to be a long way home.

Next day:

The next day was a day I will never forget. Tim came to my house as usual and I waited for him to tell me what he had to say yesterday. I waited what seemed to be the entire day, but Tim never spoke a word of it. I finally built up the nerve to ask Tim what it was. But as I tried to do so, Tim began to doze off. He started making mumbling sounds and odd hand motions with his hands. He seemed to not be breathing and his face started to turn red. I'm sure you can imagine how shocked I was. I quickly started to yell "Tim, are you okay!" After what seemed to be a minute, he seemed to jump as reality returned to him. "What just happened!" I said frantically. "you will understand someday buddy." Tim said as he started to laugh. But I couldn't tell if his laugh was more sad than happy. After that, I didn't see Tim again for a week.

Next day:

Now that I think of it, even though things were weird, those were the good old times. Back when nothing seemed to matter and everything was simple and clear. My only goal was to fight Machine and make Tim proud. It's seems so easy now, but that is beyond the point. That Sunday, me and Tim started to train. "Brett! you wimp!". "Get down on the ground and give me 1000 push ups!" Tim began to yell with a laugh. By the time I reached like fifty, he yelled "just kidding, just give me 100 if you can". I was really re-leaved, "thank you sir". I did 120! and started to relax. When I finally got up, Tim quickly threw a rock at my chest. I was about to speak, when he quickly said "be ready slowpoke!" "Always be alert!" All of a sudden, Tim seemed to become really tence and alert. He quickly turned around and yelled "Brett hurry, get out of the way!". I turned around and saw Random Kid about to throw a rock at me. I quickly dodged it and ran straight for him. This was the first time I was ready to stand up for myself, but before I could get any closer, Tim stopped me. "What do you think we should do about him?" Tim asked as the random kid laughed behind us. "Teach him a lesson" I said with a laugh. Before I could say anything else, Tim retorted, "I know what we CAN do." "But what SHOULD we do." I sighed, "Lets just figure out what his problem is." I continued my run towards Random Kid, but before I could get to the top, he ran away with much more speed than I thought he had in him. Catching him would be a waste of time and energy. You'll get another chance." Tim said as he patted my back. I knew he was right. Besides, we had a much bigger problem to worry about.

Next day:

Tim and I did another work out early the next morning. I could tell we were really improving. To say that Tim just changed the way I worked out would be a lie. Tim helped me in many other ways. I would wake up earlier, I was nicer to others, and I payed a lot more mind to my surroundings. Tim was like a hero in more ways the one. I would try to list off how many times he helped me, but I don't think anyone can count that high. But it can't always be fun and games, we had a battle to win. But as the day got shorter and darkness began to creep over the hills, I started to get bored. "So this machine," I asked, breaking the silence "has he really ever killed someone?" Tim went silent for a moment. To a point where I thought he might be asleep. But he eventually looked over at me with a sad look coming over his face. He spoke softly, "I didn't see it with my own eyes... but I do think so." "well we need to get back to training." I was surprised by his change in subject. "why?" I asked. Tim seemed to get annoyed, "because I don't feel like talking about it." It was weird, but I had the feeling that Tim was keeping something from me for sure. And I also felt like something dark was watching us.

On the way home:

Tim left after the sky began to fade into gray. I was on my way home, when Random Kid came running over yelling loudly. He got close and I pushed him back a little. He seemed to be getting upset. I started to keep walking, but I could tell he was still there. I turned around but I was to late to dodge what was coming. He jumped high in the air and tackled me against the cold, wet ground. I was able to push him off and kick him back. As quick as a flash, he ran up to me and punched me in the stomach. Random Kid tried to hit my face, but he punched my hand instead. Because I was waiting for him to make that mistake. I caught his hand and twisted it. And for my final move, I knocked him out from under his feet and pinned him down. It took me a while to realize it, but when I did I nearly yelled out in joy. I had just taken down my first opponent ever! As I sat there, bewildered by my amazing moves, Random Kid yelled "oh no, you're too strong!" But that just made me feel better. "Let me go, please!" he beckoned. But I wouldn't let him go that easily. "Not till you tell me why you attacked me!" I retorted. There was a silence, then all he said was "THEM, are coming back."

Next day:

As promised, I let Random Kid go with no further questions. For a while, I considered not telling Tim what happened. Random Kid wasn't to smart. And he could lie just as easily as he could tell the truth. But I couldn't take any chances. So the next day, I went to Tim's house to tell his about the new discovery. Once told Tim what had happened he seemed re-leaved that I told him and worried at the same time. He eventually concluded, "Well it looks like Machine plans his return earlier than we thought". "And with a bigger army than expected." He continued, "The club that the kid told you about is an old enemy of the S.S.C." "THEM is actually called THEY now (For security reasons)." "And the S.S.C (our club), is actually called the Fighters Club for now." "We must act now before it is too late". I was shocked, the battle wasn't supposed to happen for about three weeks. But Tim started the battle in just a few days. It seemed Tim could do anything in his spare time. After some fast-paced days at Tim's house, working out, and some long training hours, it was time to fight. As Tim and I started our walk to the battle, I was confident. But about half-way there, I was as nervous as could be. I had taken on Random Kid (big deal). He was no trained fighter like Machine was. Tim's words kept floating through my head, Machine will fall at your hands, not mine. We did arrive with- me having a heart attack. But I was shaking all over. I looked around, a lot of the kids on my side looked a lot stronger than me. I would be a push-over. Before I had any time to doubt myself any more, Tim yelled, "ready boys!?" I felt so stupid, Machine's army had been standing in front of us the whole time. And I had hardly noticed. All the members yelled back like a singing choir. "Yes sir!" It may have just been because I was so scared, but I don't remember ever hearing Machine give any orders. They seemed to know just what to do: Fight. Everyone started yelling and both groups collided. We thought at first we would get the upper hand, but it didn't seem like it. I remember just before we battled, I once again felt like I was being watched by something sinister. It wasn't Machine, it wasn't a THEY member, it was something else. Something I can hardly describe. I saw about 21 of our soldiers fall in about 26 seconds. But Tim and I stayed strong and undefeated. But how long would that last?

Many beatings later:

The battle started to heat up. Only our best members were still standing. Things weren't looking to good. Somebody had to win, no-matter how long it took, somebody HAD to win. It seemed to me that we were losing, but Machine must have saw something different, because after he saw about two more of his soldiers fall, Machine himself stood tall and yelled "enough!" Machine was so threatening, even our men backed off. "Give me Tim Allender!" he yelled in a deep voice. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to be Tim that day. It was hard to ever think that he would be scared. But I doubt that he was super pumped up for this. In fact, if I were Tim, I might just run away and not look back until I reached the coast. But Tim stepped up. He looked so small compared to Machine. But he had more fight than Machine ever would. "Ready for the beating of a life time?" Tim asked. "I don't know, but you look like you are." Machine retorted. And so they clashed. Tim got hit in the face, then the chest, then the stomach, then the head. But that wouldn't slow him down. Tim quickly DASHED into Machine, causing the huge beast to come falling down with a thud. Before Tim could do anything else, Machine got up and pushed him into a tree. Tim kneed Machine in the gut. But Machine laughed, "that almost hurt". And then head butted Tim as hard as he could. Tim didn't give up, he slid through Machines legs and kicked him into the tree which had detained him just seconds ago. Tim hit Machine in the back and I could tell it caused damage. I found myself cheering for joy, Tim was winning. "Go Tim!" I yelled with joy. But I went from happy to shocked when I saw Machine reaching for his knife. Just before he could use it on Tim, I jumped in the way and kicked him in the head! He dropped the weapon and yelled "don't mess with me boy!" "you fight for the weak!", "that is why you lose!" I had to get over my fear, if I was ever going to be as good as Tim one day, then I had to learn how to control my emotions. And I would start with the hardest of all, fear itself. I puffed up my chest "that is not decided yet" I said in my most intimidating voice. And then the battle of the ages began.

The final battle-

Machine tried to punch me but I beat him to it and punched him back. He then grabbed me and choked me as he had done when we first met. Just like before, machine threw me against the Old Barn we were at. He backed up for a second, then ran up and kicked me hard in the side. I used more of my strength and I quickly stood up and punched him in the face! He tried to elbow me, but I caught it and swung him around. Machine was dizzy, and this was my chance to finish it. As quickly as I could I dashed into him and kicked him to the ground. As I towered over him, Machine used the last of his strength to punch me in the jaw. As I staggered back, Machine tried to reach for his fallen knife. But as he bent down, kneed him in the face and pushed him back. Machine wanted to fight, you could tell that he wanted to fight more than anything. But he was to weak. Machine fell down like a dead tree. To see if he was faking, I stepped on his back. He started to curse and yell, but it made no difference. In the end, all he could say was "I'm finished!" The Fighters club won the battle and this time I was truly a hero. My dream came true! All the members celebrated and cheered for me, they could tell I would grow up to be a fine S.S.C member. The battle was over. But the story was just beginning.

Next day:

I had beaten Machine, become popular, and had become a real hero. But I could tell that something seemed out of place the next day. Tim called and just told me to go to the old barn where I fought Machine. When I arrived, Tim seemed happy to see me. He looked like he was about to say something, but then stopped himself. Instead, he walked up to me and slowly said "Brett,... this is the last time you will ever see me." I was shocked by what he said. No, that isn't true, I was really shocked. I suspected something would happen, but the last thing I expected was that Tim would leave. "what?" was the only thing I was able to say. But before he could talk I was able to utter some more words, "no way!" I yelled. Tim looked at me with steady eyes, "it is true". "you're kidding!" I yelled. "I'm not" Tim retorted silently. He paused for a moment and I looked into his eyes. He seemed distant and worried about something. He finally spoke the words I would never forget, "Brett I have much to tell you, but I suppose you will learn sooner or later." "So you better be patient" he said with a sniffle. He continued, "Brett do not mourn for my disappearance for in real life, I'm always with you, in your memories." "I will always trust you Brett...always." He seemed to have a tear in his eyes as he walked away. "I never thought of it that way... master" I said trying to sound okay (when I was really the opposite). Tim then just walked away towards his next big adventure somewhere out in the world. I couldn't say anything else, I was still in shock. Tim would always remain my best friend even if he was gone. Some tears filled my eyes. But what could I do without my best friend... my master? Could I still live by the dream I had? I sulked for a while, but deep down inside, I knew the truth of it. Tim would have his destiny and I would have mine. As I sadly walked home through the lonely night sky above me, a note was hanging on my door. The note was addressed to me, it said, Goodbye Brett, you were great to me. And will always be my best friend....And my apprentice. signed Tim Allender. Even though I was still sad, it made me smile to know that he cared so much. And so, in his honor... I finally ran the complete 3 miles by myself. Now I could finally smile, "Thank you Tim, I will never forget you." "And I will pass this information on to others".

New Age of Heroes

I am never going to be able to train this kid, I thought to myself. Not even Tim could have handled him. If George were Tim's apprentice he would have quite in less than twenty seconds. Once again I realized that the thought of Tim was still drifting inside my head like a ghost that couldn't rest. After a while, I went back home to play some video games. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Next day:

If I remember correctly, I was having one of my best dreams ever. I was climbing a tree that seemed to be as tall as the London Bridge was long. I was able to climb it with great ease and I eventually reached the top. As I looked into the small town below me, I realized that even with Tim gone, I could still have my good times. I felt a breeze hit my face. It felt soothing and peaceful. Then, to my surprise, another gust of wind blew my way. This time, alot more harder. It was followed by another gust, then another, then two more! Eventually I was just hanging on to the tree for all I was worth! I was starting to scream, in the distance I heard a voice that seemed lost in time. It started to become clearer and clearer until I knew that it was saying my name! Brett, Brett was all it said. For a moment, it sounded like Tim's voice. Even through the mighty wind, I spoke loudly. Tim!, Tim is that you! Eventually my eyes began to flicker open and I woke up to George poking me saying, "sir I can do it!" "No you can't George!" "Just give up!" I said, starting to return to the real world. But George refused, "I won't!" I just sighed and started to yawn. Eventually, I spoke again, "Fine I'll just start to train you harder!" He quickly yelled, "NO!, sir I can't do it myself, just let me fight THEY!" But I knew my new apprentice George wasn't strong enough for that yet... or ever. "You'll lose then." I bellowed. George didn't respond. You could say a lot about George. He was not to bright, weak, and a bad fighter. But if there is one thing about George that you can tell most of all, he never gives up. I honestly think that if he was missing both arms and legs, he would still try to run laps around the track. Like I said, he isn't to smart. I sighed again, "Fine, I'll get a fight for you, with a bully." "But you need to prove yourself first." I continued, "Okay, the first thing you always need to know is what kind of moves you're good at." "Always have good balance and move your feet along with your fists to keep your attack one smooth motion." 'Like this," I stood with my favorite stance for three seconds, then stepped quickly with my feet and punched George in the chest. "Be ready George!" I yelled, "I could betray you any minute and you would just be standing there wonder whats for dinner!" I continued by saying, "I was taught by Tim Allender", "and I have to pass down what he has taught to someone...and that someone is you!" George stopped me, "But sir I just can't do it YET." I got really angry, "Then why do you want to fight?!" George paused for a second and at last said "I just believe." I replied by saying "Wow, I didn't know people like you, could believe."

Next day:

I hoped for my great dream to come back to me over night. But without George messing it up again. But there was no such luck. Just a night with no dreams. Nights like that would always make me tired in the morning. And even worse on a school day. I went to school with a face that seemed to say "I'm ready to learn!" But my sagging eyes were saying other-wise. As I got to the lockers, I saw my friend Random Kid being bullied by a really mean kid by the name of Jack. Jack's girlfriend was there with him. Watching and snickering as her boyfriend bullied an innocent kid. Since Machine had left, things were pretty simple. Nobody really stood in my way. And no-one was planning on comparing to Machine. I would always try the same routine on bullies. I would walk up, ask them kindly to stop hurting someone. And if that didn't work, I would go to plan B. So, I walked up and said, "Hey, don't bully him." Jack turned with a smile that only a true bully has, and said "What are you going to do about it?" It was a normal built response. I spoke up, "I'm going to give you the count of three before I kick your butt." I said sternly. But he just laughed and said "okay then, lets go tough guy." I right away dashed into him and pushed him into a locker, he screamed like a girl and fell to the ground. Then I picked him up by his shirt and kicked him into the wall beside him. Jack wasn't planning on staying any longer. He quickly got up and ran away in defeat. His girlfriend just walked away laughing, saying to her friends, how she was going to break up with that wimp. Then George ran up and saying "wow, why did you do that?" "Because it was the right thing to do George", "When you're done training you should know the difference between the right things and the wrong things." I said. Then I went back to class.

Next day:

I will never forget how scared Jack sounded when I beat him up. I had only been fighting against bullies for a little over a year, and I had already figured most of them out. Most bullies weren't as strong as they claimed to be. In fact, I'm still not sure how some of them were even classified as bullies. If I had learned anything from most of my experience, it is that bullies were often bullied when they were little. But I could hardly imagine anyone bullying Machine. Later that day, I was training George at my house. We were trying to stay up all night. Before I trained George, I wanted to tell him a little more about the return of THEM (Better known as THEY). After all, the more you know about the enemy, the better. "Okay George, are you ready to learn about THEY?" I whispered. "Yes sir!" he said loudly, nearly waking up everyone in the house. "Alright, well then, THEY was a dangerous group of kids that would always pick on others." "It's members consisted of bullies, math geeks, and people who just wanted to fight and ruin others lives." "Their leader WAS Machine." "After a while though, Tim and I took down Machine and in doing so, destroyed THEM." "Even though most people think otherwise, Machine was said to actually be the second most powerful member." "Their strongest soldier was a kid named Eliminator." I paused at the name Eliminator. The very name of Eliminator brought back bad memories that George wasn't ready to hear. I eventually continued. "When Tim Allender first encountered THEY, he was weak and seemed to be in horrible shape for fighting." "But after much training and hard work, Tim sculpted the S.S.C (or Fighters Club) to what it is today." "There were a lot more things that he did, but I think he might've just not had time to tell me the rest." "But I learned to listen to Tim, and always obey his orders without question." "So eventually, I took down Machine and Tim was never seen again after the battle... he disappeared." My heart sank for a moment. I fought through the bad memory and lifted my head up with a fake look of joy on my face. "So that is just a single story out of the hundreds that made the Fighters Club what is is today, George old buddy old pal."

Next hour:

After my long talk with George, we were able to stay up all night. And just to see if he had enough energy, I took him outside the next day for some early training. While I was training George in a field, I heard a small rustle behind us. It was soft, I could barely notice it. But something didn't seem right, I didn't think we were alone. And I was right. As I tried to find where the noise had come from, a large rock flew out at us! I ducked just in time for it to hurtle over me. I wasn't hurt, but George was. He was laying on the ground, moaning like a ghost. But I didn't have time to check on him, there was a danger hiding in the bushes. I scanned my eyes across the large bushes. The attacker had moved to a different spot. Then, I quickly took a double-take. The attacker was crouched behind some large shrubs. He blended in perfectly. Before I could see his face, I was quickly tackled to the ground and kicked across the dry grass. I looked up, peeking over my body was none other than Eliminator himself. "It's been a while, Brett." he said as if we were sitting down for dinner. I had no room for words, Eliminator was a threat, and a threat didn't deserve to be spoken too. I quickly kicked him in the chest and rolled into him. He fell to the ground and I had the upper hand. I stood up and punched him back to the ground as he got up. Eliminator wouldn't be that easy to take down though. He quickly tripped me and rolled back. We both let each-other stand and examine our wounds. But quickly after I did, I dashed into Eliminator and punched him in the head. But it just felt like my fist hit metal. I heard my hand crack and I staggered back in pain. I lowered my eyes to George. Any help would be great at this time. But George was still laying down moaning like a baby. I was then punched in the stomach three times, then once on my arm. Eliminator became silent and didn't say a word. Like lightning, Eliminator kicked my feet out from under me. I landed on my butt and he quickly jumped and slammed his fist into my chest. I didn't think I could win this fight. It was true, I was going to lose after all of my long hours of training, fighting, and teaching. Eliminator was closing in, I couldn't believe I was about to fall at the hands of... my best friend.

Next day:

I couldn't take it anymore, I was loosing the fight and I wasn't liking it. I stood up again but Eliminator grabbed me and dragged me to a tree. He silently threw me against it, and started climbing it. With some effort, Eliminator threw me from the top of the tree and I landed in a really bad position. My back felt like a twisted branch as I got up. I tried to re-gain my balance, but it was no use, Eliminator jumped down headbutted me. I fell to the ground, but was able to kick him in the stomach on my way down. Staying up all night proved to have been my down-fall. I was tired, weak, and confused. Eliminator hovered back over me and grabbed by shirt collar. He drew his fist back and said, "Your good Brett,... but not great." And with those final words, he knocked me out. I had a dream when I blacked out, a dream that I had beaten Eliminator and George became a great apprentice. But when I woke up, all I saw as broken branches and a horrible feeling in my back. I quickly scanned the area, Eliminator was missing. I checked the bushed one by one, expecting for him to jump out at any minute and make me suffer. But he was gone. That made it even more creepy, why did he leave. Eliminator was no ordinary bully, I knew him to well. He didn't steal anything or take us to a wied location. He just left us there. Something wasn't right, that was easy to see. After a while, George woke up and began to sulk that he had failed to easily. For once, I didn't hurt his feelings, I just helped him heal up his wound. I had to much on my mind to pick on George.

Next day:

I woke up the next day feeling as sore as if I had just recovered from a five mile drop. Yeah, Eliminator WAS my best friend when we were young. But one day he started bullying me and others and he just wasn't the same anymore. We had a pretty good rival in sports. I won most of the sports, but he won all the fights. It was a never ending battle between good and evil. I always hated those kinds of battles. News travels fast, and as soon as kids learn that Eliminator defeated me, who knows what kind of chaos will emerge. I wasn't ready to tell George about me and eliminator used to being friends. He was to busy healing or sleeping the day away. I stepped outside into the cool morning breeze. It felt good, but my back still hurt like crazy. I started to think some more about how strange it was for Eliminator to randomly beat us up and then just run away. But another part of my mind kept saying how could you let him defeat you! Like a true Tim apprentice, I didn't need revenge. But I did need answers, and if that meant fighting in a round two with Eliminator, then so be it. Then, out of nowhere, George ran up, kicked me out from under my feet, and punched me lightly in the chest. I looked up at him in surprise, he was able to sneak up on me without me hearing him. And he even knocked me down. He started grinning. "I've been training." he said. I looked up at him with pure joy. He had finally done something that impressed me. At last I said, "George, you're ready for the next step in your training."

Old Enemy 

"George you've come a long way." I said proudly. "Was it just me slamming you against a tree, that caused all this improvement?" George laughed, "Partly, I just started working out by myself because I feel more at peace and I found myself concentrating more often." "And eventually I told my mom to get some punching bags, and I got the hang of it." It was true, George was getting better. But is annoyed me that he thought that training with me did him no good. So to be honest, I was a little upset, "So you didn't like working out with me?" George instantly replied, "It was okay, but I would rather fight, do push ups, and practice running by myself sometimes." "Very well then." I stammered. It didn't take long for us to go to our nearby training field to do some practice fighting, together. "The last time you beat me, I wasn't ready, but I am now." "Lets see how you do this time." I yelled with a big grin on my face. We both stood in fighting position and circled each-other. I waited for at least a minute but George didn't attack. For a minute I thought he had forgotten what we were even doing. "I'm not going to make the first move," said George, "You do it." "Alright then," I yelled. Quickly, I sprang in to action. I ran forward with great speed and when he attempted to punch me, I slid and grabbed his leg. With a quick tug, George fell to the ground face-first. He attempted to stand up, but I stopped him from doing so. I pinned him down to the ground. "Round 2," yelled George in frustration. Round 2 started up with George coming at me with his fists sprawling all over the place like a wild animal. Had he even listened to my old methods? I dodged the fists and tried to elbow him in the back, but George dodged it with a quicker reaction than I thought he had. He came at me again, but I quickly ducked, causing him to topple over me. After a few minutes of pointless moves, I called this round as a tie. Then Round 3 came along, I could tell George was getting upset. He didn't want to lose this fight. I could never really tell what was going on in George's head. But it seemed like fighting was more important to George than anything else. Some people might have said I wasn't the best master ever, but I had a heart. To defeat George now would seem like the end of the world to him. So, after some semi-intense fighting, I let him pin me. It was a tie that day. But Someday we would finish it.

Next day:

Imagine my happiness when I woke up the next morning only to find out it was a Monday. Hooray. I dragged myself to school with a feeling of emptiness. Or maybe that was just because I hadn't eaten breakfast. I barely got any time to myself before I noticed some kids looking at me strangely. I met up with George and asked him what was going on, but he didn't seem to have any idea either. It was nerve-racking to be at a place where all everyone around you is starring for no reason. It seemed like while we were at school, me and George couldn't do much of anything. Finally I heard some kids laughing behind my back. Talking about the fact that Eliminator defeated me recently. Now, all the respect anyone had for me was gone. Kids started to pick on me later, calling me a wimp for losing to someone like Eliminator. Obviously, thay had never seen him in action like I had. And the wort part of all, the thing that bothered me the most, was the fact that there was nothing I could do about it. ...or could I? Towards the end of the day, I was losing my cool. I didn't deserve to be treated like this, not after everything I had done to help them. Tim would never let this happen to him, would he? So I decided it was time for me to teach these kids a lesson. After a class of torment and being made fun of, I caught up to some of the kids who had been mocking me. Without saying a word, I pushed them into an empty class-room and threw a desk at them. Two of them scrambled out and backed up against the wall. I began to close in on them. I was bursting with anger. As I got closer, I finally looked into their eyes. They were scared. No, not scared, terrified. Only then did I realize that what I was doing was wrong. They may have been jerks, but they didn't deserve to be beat up... not by me. I slowly backed up and stormed out of the room. As I ran away, everything that I had done seemed blurred. I didn't want to remember what I had done. But I something deep down inside of me made me feel as if I should. But I couldn't think about that now, all I could do was run. As I got to my street, I heard George running after me yelling "STOP!". After a while, he caught up to me, "what was that?" he gasped, out of breath. I angrily replied "I'm tired of these kids!" "After all of done for them, they are getting on my nerves!" "I want them to pay!" "Well you need to calm down" George said lightly. Everything was making me angry now, the fact that George seemed so shocked about what I had done. "They were picking on you to George!" "Don't you get it!" I yelled. "I am used to being picked on." He said with a quick glare in my direction. I finally listened, "Okay,... you're right George." "See ya tomorrow." "And thanks."

Next day:

News travels fast around the school. And news about a hero, hurting those who he was supposed to protect, spread even faster. So it was just a matter of time before Eliminator heard the news and reported it to someone even more powerful than himself: (his master), Corruption. Corruption was the head-hancho of all THEY operations. Having a fight with him would be bad. Imagine how it would have felt to be his apprentice. Corruption trained the baddest of the bad. And that included Machine. Any news was to be reported to him right away... or else. Eliminator caught up to his master and began to tell him the important news. "Brett has really lost it this time", said Eliminator with a laugh. "If he doesn't calm down he will end up destroying himself." Corruption broke in, "That is good, it saves us the time of doing it ourselves." "I don't want to wait for that," said Eliminator with respect. "I want to get rid of him myself." Corruption laughed, "Then you will be pleased to hear your next mission." "In a few days I want you to make that maggot squirm." "Then I want you to bring him to me so I can crush his spirit!" "He will pay for what he did to Machine!" "Yes master" Eliminator replied with some sadness. Meanwhile, I was coming back to school and everyone was pretending as if yesterday never happened. I didn't have to worry about the kids I hurt telling the teachers, because they were much to afraid of me now. How could I win everyone over again? I looked around and saw George doing his workout warm-ups in the gym, successfully, without me. I didn't interrupt him, I just walked into my next class with a lonesome sad look on my face. I tried to make myself more calm, and pretend that everything was all going to be okay. I closed my eyes and concentrated, George was still working with me all the time, Tim was still there, and I had beaten Eliminator without breaking a sweat. But when I opened my eyes I was still just a lonely kid, sitting all my himself with an imaginary Tim Allender at my side. I couldn't take it anymore, I walked to my locker and put my stuff away. School hadn't started yet, but I wasn't going to stay any longer. I snuck out and walked back home so I could have more time to recover from yesterday. I could still see the kid's scared expressions in my mind. Good bye George. I said to myself. And I continued to walk home. For a second, a dark feeling once again swept through my body.

Next day:

I still wasn't feeling well and stayed home again. Unlike yesterday, I actually felt sick this time. Sick to my stomach. George was very lonely that day because I was the only person he could ever talk to and hang out with. Nobody else wanted to hang out with him. George was quiet at school so he had to be weird right? He has no feelings right? He can't tell if your ignoring him right? WRONG! They just didn't understand us. Did other S.S.C members deal with these things? George walked to class, sat by himself, and did his work like the good kid he was. Did George get on my nerves? Yes. He always has. But he was still my friend. It was at lunch time that George almost lost his cool, like I did. He was sitting by himself when Random Kid and his friends started making fun of him throwing food at him. While George sulked, they just laughed and laughed. George had a very long temper. He ignored them and did what he came to do. eat. Only one time was he about to punch a kid. But he changed his mind. He didn't want to freak out like I did. I sure hope Brett gets better soon, he thought. "Back at my house, I was getting worse and worse. I felt cold inside. My temper and my temperature had reached its limit, and I couldn't take it anymore.

Next day:

I was walking down my street, missing school again. Maybe some fresh air could help me get better. It didn't. I saw a little girl in my way and pushed her aside. She dropped the treat she was holding on the ground. She ran over to get it, but I just kept on walking and stepped on it, crushing it. The girl started to cry, but I didn't care, I felt much worse than her. I just kept on walking when she got her mom to yell at me. They had no time to say a word though. Because I had already found an alley where I could make myself comfortable in the deepest darkest part of it. Then, I began to slowly fade away. Things got blurry and I felt my hands moving. It took me a while to realize that I was writing in the mud in front of me. I began to draw weird symbols, twitch, and make weird noises. Out of all the things I could of been thinking, I found myself thinking about Tim again. He had done this once when he was at my house! When I was done, I had written, I'm coming for you weakling. I quickly tried to run, but I was tackled by an unknown enemy. I was able to glance at his face before he hit me in the jaw. It was Eliminator! "You have messed with me for the last time Eliminator!", I yelled. "You're gonna get the beating of a life time!" he snarled back. "What did I do to you?" I asked. "You destroyed my childhood memories and ruined my life!" He yelled. "Now I'm gonna destroy something of yours!"

The end of Eliminator:

What Eliminator said was true. When we were little, and still friends he kept a camera with him all the time. On the camera were pictures of his parents. Eliminator and lost his parents in a big fire. He escaped his foster parents (who were abusive), and met me somewhere along the line. He was able to avoid being found and we started to hang out more often. One day, I had taken his camera without permission so I could take a picture I wanted so badly. But, I was clumsy and dropped it. The thing had broken into thousands of pieces, and every memory of his parents was destroyed. He never forgave me. And I didn't blame him. But for him to have joined THEM and to try to beat me to a pulp was where I drew the line. I was sorry for breaking the camera. But that didn't mean I was going to sit back and let Eliminator ruin my life like this.Eliminator had me pinned down and I had no way to escape. "Why id you attack me a few days ago!" I demanded. "It is about time somebody strong enough took you down for good Brett!" Eliminator said, "The reason I attacked you was because I was ordered to scare you!" "To make you lose your so-called popularity!" "It obviously worked, but not good enough". "But this time, I have orders to actually make my mark." I didn't want to hear anymore. Somehow, I summoned up all the anger and coldness I had been feeling, and pushed Eliminator off. He slammed his head against the wall. Then, yelling, I grabbed him by the head and started slamming it on the wall even harder. Eliminator still spoke, "It is gonna take a lot more to defeat me Brett!" "But you won't, just like last time and any other time!" "But this time will be different", I yelled. I punched him five times in the stomach. I didn't know how, but I had somehow gained strength and Eliminator didn't seem so tough anymore. Eliminator threw a punch at me, but I could barely feel it, Eliminator was using full time anger. As was I, however, I was more controlled. I simply just dodged the incoming fist, grabbed it and twisted it. Eliminator kicked me away and with a surprising leap, threw himself at me. He kept his wrist poised at my neck and slammed me into the hard, brick wall. He jabbed me in the side and then in the other. But I kept standing. I kneed him in the stomach and flung him into the dirt with the back of my hand. Eliminator fell over and I came down on top of him punching him over and over again. Eliminator then rolled us outside the alley where there was a nearby hill. We rolled down it just as a surprised George (walking to school) appeared and ran after us. When we reached the bottom I headbutted Eliminator and sprang up as George secretly snuck up behind him and grabbed a rock. I punched Eliminator more and more and Eliminator continued to fail dodging my fists. He quickly made a lucky move and swung himself out of the way. He got me in a head-lock but it was no use. I kicked him as hard as I could in his knee. He fell to the ground on one knee and growled with anger. Then, (just as Eliminator was about to be defeated) George finished him with the rock, by banging him with it on the head. It made me much happier to see George again. "Wow, not even I saw you there." I admitted. "You're getting better and better". I said. George shrugged, "You're getting better too."

Next hour:

Me and George both stayed home from school that day, we went to my house. I finally told George the truth behind why Eliminator hated me so much. He understood. "Do you think we will see him again?" George asked. Eliminator is not a re-match kind of guy. Maybe, maybe if he has a heart left in him, he will realize that what he has been doing is wrong." "He may still be crazed with anger, but I am not." "Now that I've gotten him out of my life, maybe I will be more at ease." But close by, a spy was stalking them. It was Corruption. Laughing, he said to himself "Not for long Brett." "Soon I will tear you apart".

A New Threat

After my final battle with Eliminator, I still had questions. Why did he have to scare me in his first attack? Couldn't he have defeated me the first time, rather than fight me twice? The answer to that question seemed to have no answer in sight. But after a while of deep thought, it hit me! Could there be someone he was working for? I had a master once. Doesn't that go the same for Eliminator? Maybe he was just following orders! I wrote down the idea in my journal so I wouldn't forget to investigate this. It was about that time that class let out and I began to think about how over a five month period of time, George had made amazing progress. He had gone from being a waste of my time, to my best friend. Its funny how things work out like that. Pretty soon he would be ready to take on any enemy. Maybe even me. But I doubted that he could ever be THAT good. After all, I learned a little something new, every day. As I pondered through these thoughts, I was so deep into it that I ran into a boy the size of me, but more muscular. He spoke with a loud voice that I'm sure could be heard from around the school, "Now I got you right where I want you Brett!" The muscular kid said. "Who are you?" I asked, trying to figure out how he knew my name. He seemed angry, "My name is Jack, remember?!" "You humiliated me in front of everyone and made my girlfriend break up with me!" I chuckled, "oh yeah, that was funny" His face got red, but he wasn't embarrassed, he was angry! "Agh!" "Whatever I'm just gonna beat you up okay?" "In case you haven't noticed, I've been working out." Jack said with a hint of a smile. As we were about to fight, a teacher walked into the hall. She told us to get to class and we reluctantly listened. As we went separate ways, I could feel that Jack was starring at me. It was like his eyes were boring holes into the back of my head. There were lots of things to think about, but one thing was for sure. Jack was defiantly going too cause some problems.

Next day:

Today was Saturday, and George came over to have fun and fight me. Ever since our last practice-fight, he was determined to make me realize he was getting stronger, and more ready to start his own missions. It used to be easy for me to know what moves George was going to use, (because I thought him all of them.) But now, since he works out on his own now (which has proved well to him), I had no idea what he had in store. George right away jumped and tried to trip me. But I rolled out of the way and ended up behind him. Before he could turn around, I grabbed him by the back of his neck and and tossed him to the side. Just when I thought I had won, George quickly sprang up at me, grabbed my arm, and twisted it. He began to push me down to my knees, but my keen sense of balance forbid it. I stayed on my two feet and body-slammed him into the ground, while he was still behind me. But George wouldn't give up yet. He tried to kick me, but I blocked it. He then shifted to my side and hit me in my side with his knee. I started to stumble back, while he began to get ready to finish me with a kick to my chest. Thats where he made his mistake, he took to long to think. A good warrior knew when to keep fighting, or think for a second or two. And George took to long. By the time he rushed at me, I was already in fighting stance. And with one punch in the chest, (which is his weakest spot) George was defeated. He fell to the ground and pulled at his hair with anger. He pushed his face into the ground and mumbled something that I couldn't hear. Not that I wanted to. "You win!" he yelled from the ground, "you beat me, okay!" Normally I would make fun of George and tell him right away, how he made his mistake. But George was a good friend. And a good friend didn't deserve to be treated like that. So instead, I said, "You're getting better and better George" "I've seen great improvement with you lately." George got up and planted himself beside a tree. He rubbed his head and smoothed out his hair. I could tell he was calming down. After a deep breath he said, "Thank you master, that means a lot to me." he continued, he paused for a moment. "Is there something on your mind?" I asked. George replied instantly, "Am I weak?" he said with a frown. I was shocked that he would ask something like that. But now that I think of it, I shouldn't have been. I had picked on George for a long time. I had told him he was weak, stupid, and worthless. And after a while,... he started to believe it. "Of coarse your not!" I said quickly. "Strength is decided by your will, attitude, knowledge, and wisdom" " And most of all, sportsmanship". "I have seen you make progress in all five of them". George seemed to be a little happier now. But I didn't stop there. George deserved more. "Maybe someday you'll be as good as Tim". "After all, you're probably stronger than Machine was". "Not to mention you are very good at using the element of surprise". "Is there anything else I will need to learn?" asked George as he got up. "There is, I'm just letting you find them for yourself, so you can better understand it."

Fun at Brett's House:

"Brett, could you tell me more about you?" George asked later that day. "What do you mean", I asked. George had never taken an interest in my life. Had he busted his head or something? "I mean," he continued, "that you told me your name, how to fight, and stories about the fighters club." "But I want to learn more." He was right, I had never told him much about me. I didn't think he would care. After all, I was strong, popular, and pretty smart. But that was all George knew about me, nothing deep. "I think you'll find out more about me as we go". I explained. That wasn't good enough for George. "But could you please explain to me something about you, so I can actually know the person that trains me a little better?" he pleaded. I realized there was no changing his mind. I shook my head, "Yeah okay, I'm 13, and I was born March 28, 1997." "I was later trained by Tim Allender, the best S.S.C member I have ever met." I paused after mentioning Tim's name. As I have said before, the memory of Tim was like a ghost that haunted me ever since he left. George seemed to understand what I was thinking and nodded his head. George had never met Tim, but after all the stories I had told him and the few pictures I had of him, he understood that Tim and I were best friends. And that I was still pretty upset about him leaving." George looked satisfied and said "That is enough for today." "Maybe someday I should write a biography about you". We started laughing at George's joke that wasn't even that funny. He still always knew how to brighten my day. He always knew how to do that. As long as he didn't wake me up at five a.m anymore.

More fun:

After we finished playing some video games and eating, we watched another dumb movie from like, the 80's. I was a whole lot nicer to George now-a-days. But I never ever complimented him on his choice in movies. We then decided to stay up all night. But that was more of a inside joke between me and George. We both knew that staying up all night would be as impossible for us as it would be to carry the Statue of Liberty. As the night wore on at the hills outside were blanketed with the the light of the moon, George began to doze off. Five minutes later, he was in deep sleep. And there was no chance of me waking him up without getting a horn. An hour passed by, and I started drifting away again, making weird noises, and twitching. Also, I started drawing weird symbols on a piece of paper. What was even more amazing, was the fact that George somehow woke up! Once he saw me, he began to freak out. "Brett?" "Oh my gosh, Brett are you alright?!" George yelled. But I continued to write, not paying attention to anything or anyone. Then, when George noticed I wasn't breathing and that I wasn't in control of my actions, he freaked out even more. He started to slap me over and over again. But all I felt was a light tap in my cheeks. George tried as hard as he could, but nothing worked. Finally, I came out of it, breathing deeply. Only then did my cheeks begin to burn with the the pain George had caused with his slaps. When I started to realize what happened, I told George I was going to be fine. He still seemed worried. And his face was white with fear. I didn't like to see that look, it reminded me to much about how I had hurt those kids, not to long ago. We finally looked at what I had written down on the paper. And we were shocked to see that it was from Jack!, It read.

I may have been bullying someone and I admit it was wrong.... I was wrong. But think about it Brett. What do you think the bullies feel like when you fight them off? Or totally embarrass them in front of everyone? All they feel is pure hatred. And weakness. I'm gonna get revenge for me and all bullies around the school that you have tormented. Watch and weep as I turn your life inside out! Once I'm through with you, your cruel, little heart won't be able to take much more ,good luck weakling.

Next day:

Never in my life was I so scared. I decided to stick by George for a while, just in case I needed backup. The hours slipped by like minutes and we were on edge the whole time. Once or twice, we thought we heard a noise from outside. It's just the wind, I assured myself. But our hearts nearly stopped when we heard a loud bang from the backyard. My parents were hardly ever home, even in the middle of the night, there was no-one there most of the time. Me and George were on our own. Just when things couldn't get any worse, George swung around and nearly made me topple over. "Why did you do that?" I whispered. "Didn't you hear it?" George said, "The door just creaked!" I slowly lifted my head to look at the back-door. My dog had just pushed it open and walked out! "Didn't I tell you to lock that door!" I yelled. "I thought you did it!" George retorted. I heard my dog begin to bark as I made my way to the door. George came outside a little further and started calling for it. But once George took one more step forward, a rock came flying from around the corner. Hitting George square in the head. Then, out of nowhere, Jack sprang out, laughing evilly, "HA!" " Now I truly got you where I want you!" "Before I beat you to a pulp, I want to try something more personal first." He started laughing some more. "I will first hurt those that YOU hold precious." People like, Maddi Transon, Tye, Random Kid, and all your other friends." "And just so you know how it feels, I will also make sure to take down your girl friend...Jessica!" I stood my ground and got into battle stance. "No you won't, I'm going to beat YOU up...just like last time". Even George, (who was still lying on the ground) was surprised I said that. It wasn't the Fighter's club way to mock your enemy... but I was an exception. Jack yelled and pile drived me in the chest. He then started running all the way to Maddie Transon's house. His first attack. I ran with all my might to catch up. He was much faster than he looked. George was able to haul himself back up. But he couldn't keep up, and he had to stop and rest. Meanwhile, Jack made it to Maddie's house and began to reach for the door knob. Weather the door was locked or not, it didn't matter. I tackled him and punched him square in the face. Blood dripped from his nose, I wasn't going down without a fight. I we rolled down the yard and into the road. A car rushed by, nearly breaking us apart. This was going to be a dangerous fight.

The Battle:

While we were on the ground, Jack was able to hit me in my neck with his knee. I froze-up for a minute and started choking. He then grabbed me and carried me all the way to my buddy Devon's house. "I'll beat Devon to a pulp if you don't surrender!" yelled Jack. I looked up at him gagging "If you really want to fight me jack... then you need to know that I NEVER surrender." "I'll take you down before you do anything to anybody!" It was getting hard to talk. "This will be different from last time wimp!" he yelled. "Prove it." I retorted as I stood up. I pushed him back and kicked him in his side. But like me, he had good balance and he just punched me in the face. "Our strengths appear to be equaled, but only one can rise as the victor". I said. "You're right," Jack replied, "and it will be me!" I jumped and kicked him in the face. He finally fell down. I stomped on his chest but he only coughed and grabbed my leg. Jack then pulled me down with him and began choking me. I couldn't escape from the death grip, but luckily my trusty side-kick George came running up and punched him square in the face. Then they got in a tussle. George was obviously no match for Jack. "You are the backup?" Jack laughed. George rolled between his legs, got him an a choke-hold, and body-slammed him into the ground. "Does that answer your question?" George remarked. Jack rolled away and got a hold of George. He squeezed George so hard, his back popped and he lost the ability to fight any longer. "Why you little..." George began, but then he started to yell out in pain. And then the final faze began.

The Last Faze:

I grabbed Jack and an unknown power came through me. I punched him over and over again. Jack can't defeat me! He can't! I kept telling myself. He grabbed my fist and threw me off. Then he came running towards me while I was down. But when he got close enough, I was able to twist my legs around his feet and he toppled to his side. He tried to choke me again, but rolled away. Before I could take a breather, Jack got up and and grabbed hold of my arm. I couldn't escape. He twisted it around and used the back of his hand to smack me into a fence. I looked around, I was back at my house again, or at least pretty close. I felt my arm, he had defiantly sprained it. I was in agony. I took my non-punching arm and still wailed away at him. Not giving up, I kicked him and overcame the pain. I was even able to punch him with my sprained arm. I then elbowed him in the face before he could react. The only thing he could think of doing now was choke me again. My arms became limp, I was finished. George was in to much pain, I had no rescue, and no energy left. Soon I would be a hollow shell along with everyone I loved. Then, above all odds, George was able to summon up the rest of his strength, jump up, and hit Jack hard in the neck, in mid-air. Jack didn't even have time to turn around. Before he could do anything, George kicked him on top of me and pushed him off. Jack couldn't take it anymore, and yelled, "alright, tie TIE!" "You win this round but you won't win the next!" He screamed. "We'll be ready then." said George still holding him down. I got up and heard something. I turned around and saw two head-lights coming into our driveway. It was my parents. They didn't see me or anyone else. But they could if I got them back hear. It was simple I could call my parents and show them the damage Jack had done. He would be taken to a juvie right away... or worse. That is all I had to do, call them. ...But I didn't. Did Jack deserve to go to Juvie? Yes! But he had a reason for attacking me. I had humiliated him in front of everyone. Even his girlfriend. And I showed no sympathy or guilt. He had suffered far worse than I had when I attacked those kids for picking on me. Amagine how he felt? George had the same idea I had, he was waiting for me to call my parents back and take Jack away. But I wouldn't let that happen, "Get off of him George." I said with some regret. "What!?" George asked in shock. "You heard me." I said. George did as he was told and got off of Jack. Jack sprang up and limped away. As he started to go out of sight, he looked back once. Maybe that was how little way of thanking me. But he would be back. He still wanted revenge. And there was no stopping him. George and I snuck inside and slipped into my room before my parents got inside. We were safe now. I was quickly able to recover but I felt as if I was forgetting something. Once I was all healed up, I gave my family a big hug. For now, everything was good, everyone I loved was okay. But not all good things last forever. Watching from the back-yard though, was none other than Corruption. "Awe" he said to himself, "so sweet", "but soon you will all be gone." "And I won't even spare your pets."

Evil Leader

Corruption was gone and now everyone felt safe again. All was at peace and everyone could live happily ever after. THEM, the club that had gone down in history as the worst thing that ever happened to the school was destroyed at last. So you can only imagine how many parties started springing up all around the school. Of-coarse, I was never invited to any of them. I guess they thought I was to busy. Or perhaps it is still because they hold a grudge against me for attacking those kids. It is amazing how a single moment in your life can go by so quickly. But the memory lasts forever. The sooner they would forget about it, I would too. But that didn't look like it was going to happen. George seemed to be the only person who trusted me and understood why I had been so upset. As I told George some old sayings and taught him new moves, we were surrounded by Random Kid and his posse. "Hey Mr. S how ya doin?" the kid snickered. "What is the S for?", I asked starting to feel my blood pressure rising. "It stands for stalker, because that is what you are!" He started to break out laughing and all his friends did the same. Did I miss something? How was that funny? How could they still be picking on someone like me! I tried to block it out, but the laughter cut through my ears as clear as day. "Stop." I said under my breath quietly. It was at that moment that I stopped and thought. Why was I talking so quietly? Was it because deep down inside I felt inferior to them! Inferior to the kids that mocked me every day and ruined my life! I wasn't afraid of them! I should be the one they are afraid of! "Stop!" I yelled. A few kids backed down. But Random Kid kept laughing. I wouldn't take this any more. I grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him against the wall. Before my own mind could catch up with what I was doing, I punched him so hard he ran away crying with a permanent black eye. "Why did you do that?!" George yelled. I looked over at George with hatred, he was supposed to understand me. He was supposed to be there for me! "It is about time these idiots were taught a lesson" I yelled. Kids started backing up and running back to their houses. "Idiots like me"? George asked sadly. "Exactly!" I yelled back. At that George just walked away with a frown on his face. A part of me felt bad about what I had done. Truly it did! But what was the point? I had hurt another kid. Once a bad apple, always a bad apple. Fighting against this hate was as useless as rebuilding a glass house. Peace will never come to me with these stupid kids around, I thought to myself.


I took my stuff from my locker that was destroyed by all the kids that push my stuff over and were mean to me. It just made no sense, I had saved them all from being bullied at least once. But they still acted like I was just a weirdo. After class I was really ticked off. When school ended, no-one would stand in my way of leaving as quickly as possible. And if they did, I would swing them by their back-pack and let them get in someone else's way. Funny how people seem so brave and powerful when they are in a group. But when they are alone, they shrink away from anything that might set me off. I didn't even stop to wait for George. To me, he was just like all the others: stupid idiots that treated me like an animal. Perhaps it was best for everybody if I just stayed inside for the rest of the day. I couldn't hurt anyone there. But silence did me no good. It only increased the strange feeling that I was being watched. And it only made me have more time to think about what had happened. I heard laughing in my head. The same laughter I had heard just that morning before school. I was once again being haunted by memories. Memories that couldn't be put to rest. I turned on the T.V. Still laughter. I turned it up louder. Still laughter. I turned it up all the way. Still laughter. How can you hide from your mind? You can't.

Next day:

George was walking to school when he noticed that I was not showing up. "Not this again" he sighed. He was alone for a while, before Jack stepped in his way. Jack had a good habit of showing up when you least wanted him to. As soon as he saw Jack, George immediately jumped into action. "What do you want"?, George asked with hesitation. "Easy there kid" said Jack with a smile. "I was just walking to class". "Okay then...", said George suspiciously with his fists still raised high. Jack started to walk away. But he stopped in his tracks and turned back to George. "Oh, and tell Brett... I said hi." And with that, he walked away. Back at my house I was running a fever. All more the reason to skip school. I tried to step outside once,but the sun pierced my eyes and I quickly got dizzy. I felt my stomach boil and burn, and then you can guess what happened next. I really wasn't in a good mood. I layed down on the couch and played some games. As me and Tim always said, no-matter what you are doing or how you are feeling, don't waste your time sleeping, make it as fun as you can. No matter how fun, I wasn't getting any joy out of it, my heart felt like it was scrunched into a little ball, then burned. I was just a pathetic kid that no-one cared about until they were in big trouble. I had problems to. But saving yourself is harder than you think. I decided I would just get over it and maybe I would stay my old self. MABY.

Next day:

I was going to school today and was not happy about it. But if I wanted to go back to normal, I would have to start somewhere. Some kids acted as if they hadn't heard about my big freak out. While others were avoiding me at all costs. My mood somewhat brightened when I saw George walking in my direction. "Hey Brett!" "Feeling any better?" he asked carefully. I had to be honest with George, I wasn't. The black hole that had settled itself in my heart was still snug in it's place. "I don't know" I said at last. "I don't think I ever will". George gave me a half smile, or maybe it was a half frown. "Well I'll make you feel better!" he said. Quickly, he jumped up, ready to use one of his new fighting moves on me. That would always cause a small tussle that would lift my spirits. But not today. Before he could touch down, I grabbed him in mid-air, and threw him to the ground. "Ow man!" "Not so hard"! he yelled as he struggled to get back on his feet. "I'm not in the mood" I said sternly as I walked away. But before I got any further, a girl ran up to George and sat at his side as he got up. "Are you alright?" she asked quickly. As he inspected a new bruise at his side, George answered "yeah, I'm good". But when he eventually looked up at her, he almost drooled. It was obvious to anyone that he thought she was cute. Suddenly, George got up and puffed out his chest. I guess seeing her- made the pain vanish. There was a short silence, George obviously had no idea how to talk to a girl. "My name is Samantha what's yours?" she said, breaking the tension. After stuttering for a moment, George finally said, "Names George." You could have been at the opposite end of the hall and been able to tell he was shaking. It looked as if he were being shook by an earthquake that no-one else could feel. "Well I gotta get going" Samantha said shyly. "Okay" said George "see you around." I was suddenly the last thing on George's mind. I was losing everyone who once cared about me. Going to school today hadn't helped at all. I would have been better off lying in bed all day. I walked to my next class and left George to his thoughts.I did my work fighting back my anger as well as I could. Luckily, no-one picked on me that day. But that didn't stop the hatred I felt towards everyone who had picked on me. When school was finally over, the fight with anger left me exhausted. I went home and found a note at my door. I read it slowly. It said, Dear Brett, I'm going to your buddy Tye's house today. And I'm gonna beat him senseless if you don't hurry up. Lets see what a hero you can really be. See you soon. ~ From Jack. I crumpled it in my fist. This was the last thing I wanted to hear. Tye was one of the only kids that didn't pick on me. If I could save him, then I might be able to slowly regain my old self. I couldn't let Jack ruin this for me to. Tye's house wasn't far from mine. I knew that, but I couldn't remember what the address was... The race to Tye's house was on. And if I couldn't save him, then I could never save myself.

The search:

I dashed through the neighborhood looking for the right house. I really had no idea where it was. After reaching the end of the block, I stopped and turned around- realizing I was going the wrong way. I ran down the road and made a sharp turn on to another street. Just around the corner was a car going at least 55 miles per hour! I had no choice but to jump up and push off of it as it continued to barrel down the rode. Narrowly escaping a painful doom, I continued running and running. The entire time I hadn't even broken a sweat. It seemed like when I was angry, I seemed to handle things better and faster. I turned again and a pit-bull jumped at me. It's mouth dripped with saliva and it barked like mad. It landed on me and I heald it back by the neck. I quickly rolled out from under it and started running again. It didn't take long for it to start coming after me. There was no use trying to out-run a dog. So I came to a complete stop and ducked just in time for it to jump over me. I turned around and it jumped at my face. In a hurry, I kneed it in the side and pinned it to the ground carefully. The pit-bull wriggled out of my grasp and bit my leg. I screamed out in pain and kicked the dog across the rode. It stood back up and eyed me for a while. The growling got louder and louder. But after a long time of waiting, the dog turned around and started to limp away. I was safe for now. Realizing I had just wasted a lot of time I ran faster than ever. Eventually I got it. It was 244! I made a few more turns and found it. I rushed to the door and knocked loudly. I heard Jack's voice coming from somewhere. He had beaten me hear. I had already fought one animal. I was more than ready to fight another.

The rescue:

I was sweating, my breath was coming quickly in short rasps,my head was beating really hard and my whole body was pulsing with anger. "Come on Brett!", yelled Jack from an unknown location. I busted open the door, "Jack show yourself!" I yelled with rage. "I'm outside wimp" He yelled back. I ran to the backyard and found Jack giving Tye a headlock. It was winter time, and Tye was shaking more than George was earlier. As I looked closer, I could tell that Jack had beat him up. I was to late. "Nobody messes with my friends!" I screamed. "I'll do whatever I want!" Jack yelled back. My anger started to reach it's boiling point. I found myself running at Jack with all my might. Jack threw down Tye and punched me hard in my face. He then hit me again with the back of his hand. "I've been waiting for this." Jack said calmly. I was feeling more hate enter my body. I didn't want to talk to him. I wanted to fight him. ... I wanted to make him pay! I dashed into Jack making him fall over. Then I kicked him in the ribs and punched him in the chest causing him a lot of pain. Snow cluttered his face and his skin turned white. I was getting more and more angry. I grabbed Jack and threw him back to the ground. He landed with his back facing a fence. He struggled to steady himself. I turned my attention to Tye. Who was still lying in the snow. I propped him up to his house and went back to Jack. Once again, I ran towards Jack with great speed, ripped of a brittle branch from a low-hanging tree, and whacked Jack in the face over and over. "I tried to give you a chance!" I yelled over his screams. "And you waisted it!" At last, I dropped the branch and let him fall back to the ground. Jack was screaming, splinters covered his face- just like the snow. I had won the fight, but I was still steaming with anger. I realized that I seemed stronger when angry. I didn't know why I felt this way... but I liked it. I ran over to Tye before he blacked out. While I did so Jack yelled for us to help him deal with the pain. He was crying for mercy, begging. Just like the way he did the first time I beat him up. It then occured to me that under all the muscle ang "toughe" attitude, he was still the same person as before. I ignored him. Tye was the only person I was worried about now. "Thanks Brett!" Tye said, "I thought I was a goner". "When you recover, you need to call the authorities on Jack... he deserves it." I mummbled. I looked at Tye closer, he looked terrible. He had a black eye, and several deep cuts and bruises. "I'm really sorry he did this to you Tye". "It's okay". Tye insisted. But I didn't see it that way. I had failed. "I was too late" I said softly as I made my hand into a fist. I then heard more yelling and George came running from around the corner. The first thing he saw was me standing above Tye, with my fist clenched, and Tye beat up. "Brett, what happened?" George yelled. He ran to Tye and turned to me. "Are you responsible for this?!" He yelled as he defended Tye by standing between us. That did it... That one sentence set me off. I finally understood that no-one treated me nicely, no-one carred about me, and my own apprentice doesn't trust me. Out of all the people I knew, George was the only person who I thought I could trust. But now... Now he thought that I had beaten another kid up out of anger. I wouldn't stand for it any longer. "Shut up George!" I yelled, "You're not my apprentice any more, and you're not my friend!" "I don't care if you cry, or just plain die!" "Get out of my life now!" Without thinking, I rushed forward and punched George hard in the gut. George stood back up with a tear in his eyes. But I quickly kicked him back down with great strength. I couldn't stand it hear any longer. I left George withering in pain and made my way out. I got to an old house and sat by it with my head in my hands. "What is wrong with me." I said to myself. There was only one place to go when I felt this way- the abandoned alley. When I got there, I got very cold and more upset. Even I was starting to cry. Something wasn't right, I could feel it. I went to my corner so I could settle down and sulk. But when I made a turn, I found my spot was already occupied by a person in a dark cloak, wearing what seemed to be a Ski mask on his face. He was covered in black and seemed darker than the darkest night. He seemed to be in his teens but I couldn't tell. He mover swiftlt around as if he were one with the dark. I then realized that the dark feeling I had been getting seemed at it's strongest here. I was hateful. But not towards him. When he spoke, I began to shiver with fear and coldness..."Hello there Brett, my name is Darkness."

Meeting with Darkness:

"Darkness?" I asked (still trying to figure out how he knew my name). "Yes, that is my name". "You look upset, what is wrong?" he said. My entire body told me not to speak. My body told me to run away. Run away as far as your legs can take you. But I couldn't help it. I had been hated by everyone. It can't get any worse. "I used my anger and hate to defeat someone, and I think I did the wrong thing". "Whats worse, is I just lost my best friend, my apprentice". I started to tear up. "That is nothing to cry for". "Powerful people like you- don't cry." Don't you see? using your anger is good for you...use it in all situations." he said softly. My mind seemed trapped and void of any answer. What did he mean? "You will become more powerful than you already are." he continued. And the truth was... he had a point. It was true, I was much stronger when I was angry and hateful. I accomplished things that weaklings like George could never imagine! My eyes felt heavy and I almost doubled over. Another cold wind blew around us. A huge pain came through my back, and through my head, to all over my body. But most of all... my heart. It felt empty, barren, it had nothing to care for... or anyone to care for it. "How did it get to this point" asked Darkness with a smile. I tried to talk, but nothing came out. My voice seemed distant. And my mind could not seem to grasp the fact that talking wouldn't hurt me. I finally spoke, "Well first" I said gasping. "I met a kid named Tim. We were great friends, he trained me, and trusted me always. Thanks to him, I defeated a dangerous bully named Machine. I was a hero, the whole school loved me. But not all good things last. I was then defeated by an old friend nicknamed Eliminator. Everyone lost respect for me. But things got better when I took up my own apprentice- George. After a long fight, I defeated Eliminator. Then an old enemy of mine, named Jack, (that I beat up really bad for picking on random kid), came back for revenge and nearly defeated me. I was even able to take down the leader behind it all, Corruption. Yet I still feel incomplete." "You sound very powerful" Darkness said in a whisper. "I don't think I am, not after what I just did". I said. Darkness spoke up, "No Brett, it is good". "Trust me". "I knew you were coming here Brett". "I came to help you". "I came to save you from the bullies, George, even Tim." "Tim?" I repeated. I was to shocked by what he just said to talk for a moment. "Tim?" I said again. "Yes Tim". Darkness said "Or rather, the memory of Tim." "He haunts you in a way that only makes you feel more hate." "He has been against you the whole time". "And to think he was your friend". I interrupted him. And for just a momment, I felt the darkness slip away. "What lies!" I yelled "How could you know?" Darkness stayed calm, "I knew him Brett". "He didn't know me though". "He was a very bad person." "Always tricking kids into the wrong sides". "With anger you could become more powerful than Tim could ever haved hoped to be". "Plus, no-one will pick on you anymore." "Join me and you will be at peace... just like you've always wanted". He said. The pain got stronger, and I thought my whole body would tare apart. I was trembling, I looked down and my veins were bulging. It felt as if my insides were churning. I started choke because of all my conflicted emotions, fear,anger,hate,sorrow. I saw images. One was George. He was starring at me in dissaproval. "I don't trust you!" he yelled- and then faded away. I tried to blink, why wouldn't it stop!? I'm going to die I thought to myself. My own body was turning against me. I saw another image of Tim leaving me because I wasn't strong enought. I was to weak. I saw shadows, a black envelope and other strange things flash before my eyes. I saw another vision of myself, using anger to defeat George and Tim, and how they would respect me. And so would everyone else! Everyone! I then woke up with a shock, Breathing hard. I was crying now, remembering all the memories. I felt the tears fall down my cheeks. My memories darkened and all I could remember were the bad ones. My inner self had been saving these flashbacks all this time. In a way, iv'e always known. There was a long silence. There was not a foot-tstep, no cars honking, no breathing. Everything was silent. Everything was at peace! Just like it would be soon. "I understand now" I said slowly as I stood up. I looked up at my new master Darkness. He was the only person who cared about me. Who believed in me. "What do you want me to do master?" I asked. "Simple Brett" he answered, "show people your power and make then suffer for being to inferior to you." "And as for George, he is no longer your friend, no-one is... except me."

The End of a Hero:

I walked out of the alley, looking at the silent streets. Hardly anyone was walking about. I saw everything and everyone, and felt empty. All the memories...gone. Gone forever. I was stronger without them. I was no-longer burdened with heavy chains. I was free now. I was truly more powerful than Tim could ever be. More powerful than anybody can be! I stared deep into a field. George and his new friend Samantha were talking and laughing together as they headed home. I listened closely and overheard them. Samantha was his new girlfriend! George was so happy, he leaped for joy. He looked across the street at me and Samantha looked too. "Come on lets go" George said quickly. They left me. Alone with all the other weaklings. He was so weak. His emotions betrayed him. I was once that weak. But I would never be again. George and Samantha kept walking- ignoring me. They walked away. Walked away just like Tim had done years before. But it didn't matter. I forced the memories of Tim out, and stood up. "Now a new age begins!" "A new age for me!" "A NEW AGE OF DARKNESS!"

Darkness Abound

A new me. Thats all I could really think about what was going on. I was no-longer a hero who saved kids from being bullied and then stomped right back into the dirt like a monster that couldn't be released from it's shell. If I was going to be treated like a monster, then thats exactly what I would become. The days of me being tortured were over. Now it was just Darkness and me... the new me. The beginning of the new me takes us to my school like all the time before. Nothing had changed yet, no-one knew about my new self yet. "Agh!" A kid ran out to the park screaming like a four year old who had just broken a toy. When you have as much power as I did, where do you begin. I figured I would start off by getting revenge on anyone who had ever wronged me. They deserved it. One-by-one I would teach them a lesson they wouldn't forget. Kids gathered around the terrified soul and tried to calm him down. But they scattered like mice when they saw me walking forward. I guess my reputation proceeded me. "Calm down, man!" the kid yelled as he crawled backwards against a tree. "I think I have been calm enough." I said simply and knocked him out with a square punch to the head. "One down..." I said quickly "the whole school to go." George walked by the gruesome scene with his new girlfriend, Samantha. He stopped immediately and spoke in a bold voice, "Quit it Brett" he said, "or I will beat you up." "I knew you were dumb, but I didn't think you were THAT dumb." I said with a smirk. Some memories tried to flood into my head, but I blocked them out. There was no-need for those memories. George wasn't my friend, he was just another person standing in my way. And I would treat him just as I was going to treat everyone else. I rushed up to George and tripped him without him even laying a punch on me. I was going to do more. But something about this didn't feel right. This was to easy. This wasn't the time or the place for a fight. But trust me, I would know when the time came. Besides, what better thing to do than leave George on the ground looking like a idiot, while his "girlfriend" watched him in sadness. I spun around and started to walk off- kicking him in the process. Samantha pulled him up and put her arm around him. She truly just liked him for being... him! She didn't care how strong he was. But as far as I was concerned, they were weirder than I ever was. "This may be the end of an era", said George as he checked his wound. "An end of an era?," asked Samantha skeptically. "You gotta be kidding, one kid could be the end of all of us?" George looked down at his feet, "Take it from an old... friend, Brett has been manipulated by by someone... he is to far gone to bring back. I don't think the old Brett will ever come back."

Next day:

School didn't feel like a death sentence anymore. Now that I knew how to use my strength against others and get them to respect me- I was at peace. And that is all Darkness and I ever really wanted. Peace. Peace for ourselves and anyone else who went through what I did. Who knows, if George was smart- he might join us too. But I doubted that. George was like all the others now. Yet, even though I had every student of the school in the palm of my hand, I felt as if there was still more I had to do. There were still people who deserved my rath. There seemed to be no limit to my strength. After school ended, I met up with two students who had not felt my fury yet. I attacked the first one and slammed him into the ground. He tried to roll away, but I stopped him with my foot and kicked him back. I turned to other kid and a shot of fear ran through my vains. The second kid was one of the students who I had beat up months ago. The one who had haunted me with the vision of his petrified face turning white and him screaming. He had caused me pain at a whole new level. I caught myself backing up from him. A shudder came through me and I almost apologized. But my better thinking got hold of me and I realized that he was just another annoying kid standing in Darkness's way... I mean MY way. He didn't deserve special treatment, not after the nightmares he had given me. I lunged forward and head-butted him in the face. He began to stand up- but I slugged him hard in the jaw. He tried to rise again- with the same results. Eventually, he to was laying on the ground sobbing for mercy. "Stop!" "Just stop!" he yelled through the pain. I stood smiling for a momment. I didn't want to stop. He was a fool for not knowing that. And fools had to be delt with. But right as I was about to continue my revenge, George and Samantha came running my way. "Don't do this Brett!" yelled George. I saw a quick motion to my right and gazed over my shoulder. Darkness was standing over the kid who I had beaten up. George and Samantha didn't see him, he was just out of their sight. He spoke in a whisper, but I could hear him as clear as day. "Forget these weaklings, show George who is boss." I nodded my head and turned back to George and Samantha. They looked pretty pitiful- running up the hill, waving their arms like birds about to take flight. Another thing I had learned from Darkness was the ability to think quickly in battle. And in the few seconds before George reached me, I figured out what his motivation was. He had been protecting these kids from me more often than ever. And no-matter what I said or did, he always had some sort of driving force that allowed him to keep trying. I finally got it, it was Samantha. She was his new focus in life. And as long as she was with him, he would never give up. Never giving up was one of George's most annoying qualities. I ran into George and pushed him down. Before he could get up, I jumped on top of his chest and leaped in front of Samantha. She was already backing up. She wasn't so brave without George at her side. I was getting ready to strike Samantha when I remembered that she was a girl. How am I supposed to fight a girl! I screamed inside of my head. An answer appeared in my head as if the words were being spoken right in front of my face. Show no mercy, show no mercy, show no mercy! I pulled back my fist like a bow-and-arrow and thrust it towards her. "No!" George yelled from behind as he stood up. But my fist stopped in midair. "I can't hit a girl" I said in a whisper. Samantha's face was swelled up and looked terrified. George ran closer from behind snarling like a dog. I swung my fist around and hit George in the side of his face. George cried out and he tried to grab me. But I kicked him out from under his feet before he could do anything. "Why are you doing this?" asked George in anger and pain. I just smiled, "I can do whatever I want now." I looked around to see everything I had caused. It didn't make me upset, it made me proud to see how strong I was becoming. When I turned around to leave George, Samantha got in my way and pleaded that I come back to them. But I just pushed her aside and made my way back home. Even the cold winds of a beginning winter didn't bother me. My blood was hot with power. "I love this new me" I said to myself.

Next day:

Call it strange, but after everything I had just done, I still wasn't completely happy. I had not gotten rid of the source of George's motivation: Samantha. And I also felt that I had disappointed my master. But all that would soon change. I wouldn't disappoint my master this time. I used some stealth in getting to her backyard and waiting for her parents to leave. But after a while, the car drove off and Samantha was not inside it. I rang Samantha's doorbell and planned my moves. Samantha opened the door and a look of shock came over her face. "Gosh, go away Brett, what are you doing here?" she asked nervously. "Oh nothing. Just thought I would make a visit." I said. She started to back up and I entered the house. Her cell-phone was sitting on a desk nearby. I picked it up and dialed George's number. He answered after just two rings. "Hello?" George said with some happiness in his voice. "Hey George" I whispered. "I'm with your little girlfriend here". It took George no-time at all to interrupt. "Get away from her!" he snarled. I had not thought to hard about what others had to say ever since Darkness became my master. But for some reason, I felt as if this wasn't the right time to do the deed. After all, I had all the time in the world. "...I'm not going to do anything to her," I said at last. I dropped the phone and looked over at Samantha. She still cowering in fear over my arrival. I walked out and winked at her as I did. I knew I would be back someday. Someday soon. Meanwhile, Samantha picked up the phone and told George that I was gone. "What was that about?" he asked with hesitation. "Nothing" said Samantha "...Nothing". When I got home, I layed down on my bed and tried to relax. I had a difficult day. But I would have to get used to days like this more often. After a while, I was able to fall asleep peacefully. But this was not going to be a peaceful sleep....

The Dream:

As soon as I fell asleep, a sense of falling took over my body. It felt as if my stomach was being twisted. I felt a pain jolt through me like a shock of lightning. And I suddenly found myself standing on a rocky ground. The sky was a sickly gray color and the sun couldn't pierce through the fog that blanketed the terrain. I stepped forward very slowly. Just when I thought I was alone, a figure stepped out of the fog near me. When I finally saw his whole face, I jumped back. It It was another Brett. But this one was dressed in white clothes which seemed to shine brightly through the gray fog. I looked at my own clothing. I was dressed in all black clothing. Light Brett made a gesture with his hand and all the fog was pulled away. Even the gray skies turned into a shiny white color. I felt cold and un-easy in this place. I didn't belong hear. "Come back to us Brett," the light Brett said in a kind voice that seemed to be filled with hundreds of other noises. "Never" I said with my anger growing..."Darkness will rule us soon....very soon." "And I will be his main servant." "You are foolish to try to change my mind." The light Brett looked down at the rocky ground, "then I have no choice, but to destroy you." "Try me" I mocked. With another gesture of his hands, Light Brett made the sky return. And a whole new world opened up to us. As I took in the details, Light Brett jumped at me and we began to wrestle each other to the ground. Light Brett pushed me off and I fell through a pit which appeared at Light Brett's whim. Before I reached the bottom, I jumped off the wall and clung to the edge of the pit. I quickly sprang up before the pit closed up on me. I body-slammed Light Brett to the ground and jumped off his back. I got great air and landed with great form. "Darkness doesn't just fade away that easily!" I yelled. "I never said this would be easy." Light Brett retorted. He then pulled us both over a ledge and we began plummeting towards lava below. I flipped him over so he could take the blow. But in the end, we both landed in it. I closed my eyes and waited for the end. But instead of being burnt to a crisp, I felt a sharp twist and then a kick to the jaw. I opened my eyes only to see both Light Brett and I under the surface of the lava! It wouldn't burn us, but we couldn't breath in it. Light Brett began to spin like a hurricane. The force of the spin sent me tumbling backwards and slammed me into the wall. Rocks came tumbling down and I soon found my self buried under tons of rocks. I heard whispers and voices. Sometimes I even heard a laugh. The voices got louder and my ears started to hurt. I was screaming and running out of air. I could only make out three words need your help. My screaming grew louder and louder- and just when I thought it was over for good, light Brett shattered the rocks with a punch. He took me by the shirt and threw me above him. I flew out of the lava and back on to dry land. This was not going well. Before I could move a muscle, Light Brett jumped out of the lava and tried to land on me. Before he could do so, I flipped backwards and kicked him in the chest. Light Brett flew high into the sky and came down like a rock. I would not let him go so easily. Before he could even hit the ground, I gave him a huge punch which literally sent him flying back. I noticed that when I hit him, I heard voices I knew. Voices like Tye's or George. Light Brett wasn't just the old version of me. He held all my memories too. And if I allowed even one memory to survive, it would ruin my power.

The Strange Dream Continues:

We eventually arrived back at the rocky area which had started the dream. Light Brett seemed to be getting weaker. As if every punch I made, caused him to lose some of his own being. I pinned light Brett into a sharp rock that jutted out from the ground. It did no good though. His body crushed it as soon as the two met. I drew back my fist and tried to punch him. But before I could, Light Brett faded away and sunk into the ground! Leaving me sitting there in shock. I stood up and everything started to spin. It got faster and faster. Like a roller coaster that couldn't stop. My stomach churned and I felt myself ready to vomit. More voices filled my ears- trying to get themselves into my head. But I wouldn't give in. I stumbled for a wall and found one. I punched it as hard as I could and the spinning floor stopped. At last, everything got quiet. "You still have a chance." Light Brett said in an echo. I couldn't tell where he was, but he was close. "For the last time!" I yelled, "I will not go back! I am to powerful now!" Light Brett tackled me from out of nowhere and punched me in the stomach and head. He tried to spin again, but I caught his arm and flung him into the ground. I was getting the hand of this. Light Brett was getting to be transparent. I was able to grab Light Brett and punched him in the chest- and jump off his head. I heard the noises of shattering glass and more voices making there way into my mind. I had to finish this quick. Light Brett punched me over and over again, but they were getting much weaker every time. I laughed to myself and headbutted him. Light Brett stumbled back and everything around us flickered black and white. "Here we go now!" I yelled, "Here we make our last stand," "Here... Darkness takes over."

Darkness Forever!:

Light Brett lifted his hand one last time, and the world ripped open from under us. I blinked once and found that we were standing in a land of complete chaos. The moon was about to crash into the Earth, water was thrashing around us, and fires somehow sustained throughout it all. Buildings were falling and the sun, beaming with light, burned all the land before us. Everything was weakening us. And Light Brett knew it. If he couldn't kill me, then he would go down with me. I threw a fist, but Light Brett blocked it away. " Gah" gasped Dark Brett. "You won't stop me! I'm not just Darkness! I'm true power!" Light Brett calmly pushed me into the wreckage. The moon reached us, and we were nearly crushed. Shock waves caused us to fall whenever we made a bad move. But this fight wasn't ending till one of us was destroyed. One of us had to win one way or another. Light Brett did a huge jump and kicked me in the back of my head. He was using all his strength to fight me. How pitiful. I quickly reached around, grabbed Light Brett's feet, and swung him into a falling building. It fell onto Light Brett and he broke through it. I could now see through him completely. He was looking bad. Light Brett spoke as he stumbled about in a calm of a voice as ever, "If I die here, I will go down with honor". He charged at me but I just stuck out my hand and caught him. I then swung him around and threw him into the hard ground. I looked over to see Light Brett pathetically trying to punch me, but each blow was like that of a baby. He was weak. Dieing. Then I felt my ear burning, the sun and other catastrophes were closing in on us. As I retreated, Light Brett began to choke on the poison in the air. At last, he dropped to his knees and spoke with all the air he had left. "In the end... I know you will do the right thing" he rasped. I then walked away as Light Brett was pounded by a wave, crushed by buildings, and burned by the sun. There was no doubt about it, Light Brett was dead. He was merely reduced to nothing but dust. I stood tall as the champion. I gazed upon the chaos and laughed in it's face. I was not afraid of anything. All the sounds of voices faded away- as did the sound of chaos. Finally, I woke with smile and a gasp for air "...No, I won't" I said to myself. "I am the one that will blot out the light, as I have just done." I looked at myself in the mirror. I had dark circles under my eyes. I truly looked like I was beginning to receive all the strength Darkness had promised. And all the respect to. I returned to Darkness and explained my dream. "Good job my apprentice" said Darkness proudly. "You are now closer to full power." And for the first time in a long time, I felt like my old self for a moment. The feeling of an accomplished mission. The feeling that I was a hero. ...And then that feeling ended. I was more powerful than the old Brett... and that's how it had to be.

George's house:

George was very confused about me and Samantha. He pondered it and then began to jot down ideas in his head of what to do about Brett. After all Brett had done, he deserved to be punished. George was deep in thought, when there was a knock at the door. He answered and had his heart nearly stop. For there, standing at his door, was a person who he had only seen in pictures... it was Tim Allender! Tim sighed, then spoke, "George...I need your help."

Fight of the friends

George stumbled back in dis-belief. "Tim what are you doing here!?" said George in shock. "I'm here to save the day" Tim said as he walked into the house. George was silent for a while. What could he possibly say to an S.S.C legend? Tim spoke after warming himself next to the fireplace. "Never will my own friend cover us all in darkness. Never!". "I won't either, Tim" said George loudly. "Together we can do whatever we put our minds too." George sighed, "He IS my friend, but he is just lost his old self I guess." "Even worse" said Tim. "A being by the name of Darkness is keeping him blinded by power and strength. We will most likely have to fight them both. But in the end, I hope everything can turn out right." "I know that sir" said George. "But seriously, Brett thought you were dead. Where have you been?" Tim seemed shocked by his lack of explanation, "Ah yes, after my big departing speech with Brett, some...things happened. I thought it would be stupid to come back so suddenly so I decided to go under-cover and watch him progress in fighting...however that was before... he left us." Tim's head dropped in a look of defeat. But he shot up quickly and looked George square in the eye. " Do you know where Brett could be right now?" asked Tim in all seriousness. "No Tim, I don't. Looks like we're gonna have to find him some other way." George paused for a moment and thought a bit harder. As if the answer were on the tip of his nose. "Oh no!," said George at last. "I just had a thought." "What is it?" asked Tim with more hope in his voice. "It is just that...the last time I talked to Brett, it was over the phone just two days ago. And he was with my girlfriend." "Oh, Samantha huh?" asked Tim with a short smile. George took a double-take. "How did you know?" he asked in a shocked voice. "Trust me George, I'm the eye in the sky." George fought back the urge to ask more questions. "Well we have a job to do, so lets go" he said quickly, grabbing a jacket. As Tim stuck his hands back in his pockets, they both strode out the door in silence. Deep down inside George hoped this wouldn't turn out to be a fight. But a part of him already knew, it would have to be.

Killing a Bug:

I arrived again, back to see my master Darkness. "I have finally got my revenge on every student who has ever wronged me, and beyond" I snarled. "Not yet you haven't." remarked Darkness, "You have yet to get your full revenge on your old friend; George." He was right. Darkness was always right. I had hurt George, but I hadn't made him suffer for all that he had done to me. He deserved so much worse. He deserved to be squashed like a bug. "So what do you suggest I do?" I asked- already knowing the answer. Darkness spoke louder in a booming voice, "Find George and get rid him. Once and for all!" "This is the only way to make sure he never interferes with us again. Or ruins the peace you are trying to spread across the community and onward." "And what if he refuses?" I said-looking at my hands. "Then...dispose of him. But be careful. I sense something strange...someone has returned." "I shall be careful master" I assured, and then ran off as my plot unfolded. I had a way to take care of George once and for all. And the key to that plan was Samantha. After seeing how he reacted last time I hung around her, he was bound to walk right in to my my trap. I pushed more memories out of my head, once I defeated George, I would finally show full power. And once you have a taste of power, all you want is more. But wanting power isn't a bad thing. It was a great thing! It is what separates weaklings from those who are powerful. It separates the geniuses from the idiots. It separates me and memories that never had any meaning or worth! Power wasn't a bad thing, it was my ticket to leadership. I quickly fixed my hair and put my dark clothing behind some shrubs. I replaced it with a thin, white shirt. And I made my way to Samantha's house. I was getting cold. It was winter and I had heard a bad storm might be coming by. If I was going to take down George, I would have to do it soon. I ran to a nearby bush and picked a flower. It was dried up and the pedals fell off with the slightest movements. As I made my way to Samantha's place, I kept thinking about the rose which I held in my hand. It had a strange bond with me. That rose had survived the thick winter winds and snow. It was no-longer a bright, soft flower. It was dark and crisp. It was not its old self anymore- but it still survived. It could survive whatever nature threw at it. It was strange, I never thought I could find myself to be so much like a rose. With my thoughts wrapping up, I reached Samantha's house and rang at the door bell. Her parents were gone again and I could hear the TV in her house was on. The door opened and Samantha popped out from behind it with a sudden look of fear. I had to hurry and say something before she exploded. "Oh hi Samantha" I said in a cheery voice. "I'm sorry about all my bad deeds, but I have great news, I'm back to my old self!" Are you sure?" asked Samantha skeptically, "You still seem upset." Somehow, behind all of my masked emotions, she could tell what I really felt. I responded quickly with a laugh, "No, no, George talked me into going back to my old ways. He told me to come by your house and tell you the news in person." I faked a shiver and gave her a small grin. "Oh you must be freezing!- come on in." Samantha said. I stepped into the house and handed her the flower, "this is for you!" Samantha's face beamed, she still saw the rose as beautiful. "Thank you Brett!" "Sorry it is wilted." I said bluntly. Samantha just gave me another smile. "It doesn't matter, a rose is a rose no-matter how it looks." I took a look around the house. All I need to do was find her cell phone and call George into the trap. It was no-where in sight, I would have to look in a different room. I glanced back at Samantha who was starring lonely-like with the flower. "Wow George has never done this for me," she said in a irritated tone. I just laughed to myself, "Exactly".

The Lure:

I needed to buy some time to find that phone. My plan would fail without it. I sat down on the couch and as casually as possible said, "why do you go out with George anyways?" "Because I love him" said Samantha instantly. "Okay." I said in a tense voice. It took Samantha no time at all to reply "What do you mean anyways?" "I just don't think George respects you enough. You, yourself said he doesn't do much for you." "I never said that!" yelled Samantha. "The thing is," I continued, "he doesn't like you as much as you thought." "How do you know!" Samantha asked nervously. "While I was talking to him, George said that he was planning on breaking up with you. He just doesn't think things are working out." "Thats a lie!" yelled Samantha loudly. I just sat back casually as I let the lie roll further. "He said he was to embarrassed to tell you in person, so he said he would send you a message about it." Samantha rushed to her computer and typed away at the key board as fast as she could. "Not on the computer." I said, "Over the phone... your cell phone." As quickly as she could, Samantha hopped out of the seat and hopped into the kitchen. She pulled out her cell phone and started pressing buttons. This was it, I knew where here cell phone was, now I just needed to take it. I sprang off the couch and grabbed the phone away from her in an instant. "Hay, what are you doing!" she yelled louder. "I am following orders." I answered. As I dialed George's number, she grabbed the phone and tried running upstairs. I caught her foot and the phone went flying into the air. "Oh god" she said loudly as she scrambled towards it. Before she could make another move, I jumped in front of the phone and picked it up. Her face was filled with fear. But oddly enough, she didn't seem afraid about herself. She was more concerned about George! There would be no doubt that George would know it was a trick. But that wouldn't stop him from coming. Not as long as I had Samantha captive. I took her by the arm to the front door. Snow was covering the ground and it looked like the storm could come by any minute. I dialed George's number, but to my surprise, there was no answer! I tried two more times, with the same result. I threw down the phone and grabbed Samantha by her arm again. "Where is he!" I yelled. "I... don't know." she said through the pain. I dragged her out of the house and threw her out the door, into the snow. I felt anger surging through me, my plan wouldn't be stopped now! But then, there was a voice. "Brett stop it!" said the familiar voice. My heart skipped a beat as I turned around only to come face to face with someone who was all but dead to me. "No! It can't be!" I yelled out-loud in complete shock. Because, standing across from me, was George and Tim Allender! "You?... Tim?" I said in shock. "The very same." Tim replied. He made a short hand gesture to George and they got into a battle stance. The winds grew stronger, but I could hear Tim's voice as clear as day. "This ends here."

The Plan Twists:

"Brett why are you doing this?" asked George as wind whipped around his face. "Stay out of this George!" I yelled, "Finally you show yourself. After all those years! I was your friend!... You betrayed me! You left me to learn everything myself! You were against me from the very start!" Tim's eyes grew wide, "What are you talking about!" he yelled. "You know what I mean. You're the villain here!" I screamed. "No Brett... you are" replied Tim with haste. "No! I'm doing this for myself and Darkness! Soon peace will return! Kids need to learn their lesson and they are going to learn it the hard way! No-longer will a kid get picked on my anyone but those who have more power than them." "Brett it didn't have to be this way. You have fallen into this manipulating monster's trick and you can't get out of it!" Tim yelled. "If you just let us help you, we can..." "shut up!" I interrupted. "I'll kill you for what you did! You lied to me,you betrayed me,and now you challenge me!" "Brett don't you see! We haven't done anything!" George yelled back. "Brett why are you saying this?" said Tim. "Just tell me why! What happened?" I nearly exploded with anger, "Darkness revealed the truth! You were just using me! He told me how bad a person you were!" I was crying and my eyes had turned a bloody red. I was raging. "That is not true", said Tim calmly, "he is tricking you can't you see?!" But I was to filled up with emotions to speak, all I could do was fight. I came charging at them! I kicked Tim off his feet and jumped up in the air, I was able to grabb the fist that was coming from George. I quickly twisted it and threw George to the ground. Tim had now jumped to his feet and tackled me. "Brett surrender!" he yelled. "I will not listen to you anymore!" I replied. I flipped over, kneed Tim in the stomach, and kicked him aside. George dived into me and punched me in the side. But I didn't budge. I just stood there like a rock. I grabbed George by the head and head butted him with the hardest headbutt I had ever done in my life. George stayed conscious but he was starting to stumble. Samantha watched with fear in her eyes and screamed at the sight of George's blood. I quickly grabbed his throat and started to choke him. "You know what George? Looks like you weren't ready at all" I laughed.

The Epic Battle:

George was getting weaker, my mission was almost complete. But Tim came up behind me and and was able to punch me- hard in the chest. I couldn't make another move before he hurled another punch at my face. My head was so hard though, it couldn't be damaged by this. I growled, grabbed Tim by the face, and shoved him into the ground. As I was doing so, George was able to push me off. "Brett, why? You were my best friend." said George sadly. "I'm not Brett anymore" I yelled, "I am much more powerful than the old Brett!" I then jumped into George and threw him into a tree. Tim reemerged and dashed over to me. While still in the air, Tim thrusted his fist into my stomach with all his might. "Agh!" I yelled in pain. Finally they had damaged me. But they wouldn't do so for long. This was a very even fight between Tim and I. Master v.s. apprentice... should it have really come to this? But I ignored the feeling and continued to fight. I summoned up my strength and charged for George instead of Tim. I quickly head butted him over and over again. George kicked me in the shin but it hardly did a thing. I then got the upper hand and threw George high up in the air. He landed at Samantha's feet with a sickening thud. "Brett!" Tim yelled, starting to loose his cool, "He could be dead!" I straitened up and smiled, it seemed harder to smile now, George still held memories. And memories had to be eliminated "That was my mission Tim!" I said loudly, "Till you came, now my main mission is to defeat you!"

The Fight Continues:

The two of us clashed. We circled each other, fists up for what seemed like hours. We were both waiting for the first move. The storm had not come yet, but the echo of the winds still sent chills up your spine. At last, I did the same move I had done on George 3 years ago. I ran forward, slid, and grabbed Tim's leg when he tried to punch me. With that, I pinned him to the ground. "Give up yet" I asked. "Brett, I don't give up" Tim said, "Did you forget that to, or are you just not as smart as you think you are?!" Tim could have said whatever he wanted, I could see the fear in his eyes. It was just one of the many qualities I had obtained thanks to Darkness. I punched Tim in the stomach and Tim went flying back. I tried the move again, but this time Tim caught my fist and pushed it away with all his might. I flew off of Tim and landed with a thud. I looked over, only to find Samantha crying over George's body. As Tim towered over me, I quickly jumped back up and punched Tim hard in the throat. While Tim choked and tried to catch his breath, I punched him in the side of the head. I then pinned him again saying, "this is the end. It all ends here, once and for all."

The End?:

Brett jumped up, grabbed a branch on a tree, and swung it at Tim. "Nothing can stop me!" But Tim was able to grabb my foot to stop another kick. Quickly, I broke loose, and from my struggle of breaking loose, I fell over on top of George. George finally showed signs of life, and he was angry. George pushed me off, but I punched him in the face anyways. George tried to run away, but his stumbling caused him to trip and fall. I walked towards him and sensed Tim coming up from behind me. "Perfect." I forced my fist behind me and hit Tim in the face. "This is annoying" I said, laughing to myself. I then kicked George in the ribs and heard them crack. "Nobody takes a fight to this point Brett! You're not yourself!" Tim said gasping for air. But I had no mercy. Darkness had taught me better. I jumped up, kicked Tim in the gut, and picked up a huge stick. With the rest of his strength, Tim hit it out of my hand and elbowed me in the side of my face as he ran towards George. "Haha!" I laughed, "When will you ever give up?

The End of the Fight:

The freezing rain storm was beginning to flow through. We didn't have much time left. I stepped into high-gear and head butted Tim till he was nearly unconscious. I then swung him around, causing George to get hit by Tim's nearly lifeless body. As I walked near them, Tim was still gasping for air and I saw a tear. But it would take a lot more than that to stop me! I picked back up the stick, which had a very sharp tip. "Well Tim, George, I admit I expected much more out of you. Looks like I was wrong." I was about to finish them but then came up with a better idea. "No, I don't want your death to be that quick." I threw the stick like a spear and it drove into a ground, almost hitting Samantha. Brett, laughing, walked towards George and kicked him in the face. His nose bled. I then kicked George in the stomach at least five times. He spat out a lot of blood. For a moment, he looked up at me with a look I had never seen him make. It was not angry, sad, or even scared really. He just looked hopeless. He had given up. "I trusted you Brett. Everyone did. And no-matter how much they picked on you, they still respected you." "Well they were wrong to pick on me at all weren't they" I said slowly. "Everyone will fall at me and Darkness's feet. Nobody shall stand any longer. They're gonna get what they deserve" I said in the strongest voice I could summon. With that, I wrapped my hands around George's neck. "Brett!" Tim was talking again. "Don't! You're not like this!" "No Tim!" I yelled back. "I am now. And there is nothing you can do about it." "Now you must all die!" I grabbed them both around the neck, and Samantha drew breath to scream!

The Last Stand

I had had enough. It had all been leading to this one moment. Even as of now, there is no way for me to sugar-coat what I was thinking.... what I was about to do. It was plainly obvious, I was ready to kill. George and Tim were defenseless now, and I had them right where I wanted them. This would end now. I was laughing menacingly and ready to end them. After all they had done: or were about to do, I was going to punish them. I drew closer, getting ready for the last moments of terror to begin. But as Tim looked up at me with his face dripping with sweat and blood, I looked into his eyes. Oddly enough, he wasn't scared! Tim then spoke in a voice lost in time, "wait Brett!" "No" I interrupted, "no more waiting." I started to choke both of them as Tim muttered something which I hadn't heard in years, "Those born by darkness... can bring new light". The words hit me like a bullet. In that one sentence, he had thrown all my memories right into my face! I yelled in frustration as my mind started to drift towards the horrible things they had all done to me. ...But that is not what I saw. Instead of dark thought and memories, I remembered the good things! I remembered George and I training together, me and Tim talking and just having fun. There were more good thoughts than bad thoughts by far! I had never understood that saying, I don't even know if he did, but I finally got it. I was dark... I was becoming the new Darkness. It was my whole life. I ignored family, and instead of talking with my friends... I hurt them. I could have been as strong as I wanted, but happiness would have never came to me. But now... now I had the chance to make things different before they got out of hand! I still had a chance to make things right! I COULD bring new light! I loosened my grip and my eyes grew wide. I staggered back and fell into the snow. I was Brett again! Tim looked up at me in surprise, "Brett?" he said; confused. Before he could say another word, I ran over to them, carefully picked them up and suddenly hugged them both, crying. They were confused, yet happy. I finally realized what I had become, and that I had hurt those who only wanted to help me. "I'm sorry," I weeped, "I'm so, so sorry." "It's okay Brett." George said in a daze." But not all good moments can last forever. I sensed something and turned around. Freezing rain poured down from the sky at last. The storm had unleashed itself. Suddenly, I saw a dark figure in the distance. I looked closer and knew immediately, that it was Darkness. "Well, well, well" Darkness said coolly as he clapped. "I trusted you with a simple task, and you betray me. Now you are more weak than ever." "Shut up" I said trying to cool my anger. "You turned me against my friends and I almost killed them. It is time for you to leave." "Oh, It wasn't me", Darkness said in his casual voice. "It was you." He was indeed right, and I had to admit it, "I admit I made a mistake. But I understand now that I am more powerful than ever before." Darkness just smirked and gave us all an amused look, "Brett I've had a lot of fun with you. But now I'm gonna have to get rid you... what a pity." And then he attacked.

The Final Countdown:

Darkness ran forward to charge at me. He was much faster than I had anticipated. But George and Tim, together, stepped in the way, blocking him. All I could do was stand there in wonder. "We still have some fight left in us." Said Tim loudly. Darkness swiped them both out of the way with ease. Tim flew into Samantha while George flew into a tree nearby. Quickly, Tim pushed off Samantha and punched Darkness in the side. It must have hurt, but Darkness doesn't show pain or fear. He was fear. George picked up a stick and swung it at him, but Darkness jumped and grabbed the stick in midair. He then threw it on the ground, breaking it, a large piece broke off and sliced George in the face. "Agh!" George yelled as he ran closer to Darkness. In a flash though, Darkness blew him away with his fist as if it were the easiest thing he had ever had to do. George fell on his back and whimpered in pain. I had to step up, and fast. I swung my fist at Darkness but he quickly caught it, twisted it, and rammed it into my jaw. Tim grabbed Darkness from behind, but Darkness pulled Tim out from behind him and smashed Tim's face into the snow. Along with that, Darkness gave him a painful elbowing to the back. "I'm not giving up yet" said Tim in a painful voice. And the battle raged on. Just like the storm before us.

The Fight Continues:

Freezing rain started to get in my face as I was getting ready to punch again. Due to this, I quickly got hit in the head. It felt like a bee sting! I looked up and got hit in the eye as quick as a flash. The storm kept coming down harder. It felt like thousands of needles piercing our skin with every move. I grabbed George and carried him to shelter under Samantha's house, while Tim got punched in the face and the chest at the same time. I could tell he was in pain. Darkness turned and rushed at me, he grabbed my face and squeezed so hard that I got instant bruises. I pushed off Darkness and hit the back of my head against the house. Oddly enough, Samantha's yard wasn't big enough for this fight. I started to get cold, but Darkness seemed oblivious to to the freeing rain, (probably because of the ski mask). Darkness got Tim into a choke hold and wouldn't let go. I quickly grabbed Darkness and tried to shake him off. Darkness let go instantly, then right away, he started to choke me. I couldn't shake him off anymore. He was much stronger then we anticipated. While the freezing rain stung my face, I felt like I was slowly dieing. Samantha slowly walked up and tapped Darkness on the shoulder. Darkness turned and Samantha tried to slap him in the face. But Darkness was to fast, he held onto her hand and kicked her in the stomach. Through this struggle, I broke free! I couldn't believe it, Samantha was helping me too! Darkness stood up and ran for Samantha. He raised his fist high in the air and ran swiftly over the ice forming on the ground. She caught his fist for a while but he was to strong and was able to overpower the block. Samantha fell too the snowy ground and got pelted with more freezing rain.

More Pain:

Darkness picked up Samantha and threw her quite some distance. George gasped and stumbled for her. As he got pumbled by rain, George was able to catch her, but it probably sprained his arm. I jumped up and tried to punch Darkness, but he caught it and threw me aside. I landed hard on my back. He was walking towards Tim now. It seemed as if he wanted us to suffer as equally as he could. I got up and ran for Darkness again, but I kept sliding on the sharp freezing pieces of ice. My shirt began to tare and my back bled. Now I was really cold. I looked down for only a second, but in that time, Darkness spun around and came running forward! He slugged me in the face then the chest over and over again. I almost fell back. This is truly the the hardest battle I have ever fought! I thought to myself. "Come on," yelled Darkness, "At least put up a fight. I thought I trained you better." he scorned. I stood up and swung my fist, but I was weak, I could barely lift it. Lucky for me,Tim came running over to save the day! Darkness couldn't turn around in time for Tim to get a good choke hold on him. Darkness coughed and (with some strain) threw Tim over his shoulder, onto the icy ground. Darkness turned his attention back to me and hit me hard in the face. My entire body told me to stop and rest. But resting would cost my life! I got back up could tell that my face was bleeding bad. My body was stinging with coldness, and I was sure there was frost in my hair. Tim saw this happening and leaped back into action. He punched Darkness in the back and brought his feet out from under him. Darkness stood back up in seconds and Tim had no choice but to tackle him. As they rolled, Darkness reached down to grab me, but only got my shirt. We were starting to see the effects of the freezing rain. My back was red and some of the blood was frozen. I still felt wet though, and I knew that not all the blood could freeze over. And even worse, I could tell I was about to black out.

Unforgiving Fighter:

My hands were freezing. The freezing rain came down harder. My brain felt numb, and my shirt was in pieces. Could I really make it through this battle? Darkness had Tim in a head lock now. Tim tore out of it and Darkness punched him in the stomach. With a loud cry, blood dripped from Tim's mouth and he fell back. There was not enough time to know if he was dead or not. I ignored the pain and stood up. I wasn't going to give up yet! Not after I had just came back to my senses! I limped forward, my feet hitting the ground harder than usual. Each foot-step felt like the bottom of my feet would freeze to the ground where I could not move anymore. Darkness lumbered towards me, but I quickly jumped out of the way and kneed him in his back! He spun around, and I finally punched Darkness him right in the face! My hand, half frozen, felt like it could shatter any moment now. Darkness began to punch my freezing body as fast as he could. His fists were like a blur now. Everything was. Darkness jumped at me and tried to bash me in the head. But I punched him in the stomach, sending him upward. He came down on me with a thud. At first I thought I heard Darkness's own body cracking, but It was actually mine. I yelled out in pain as I got up. I couldn't take this much more. Before I lost hope though, George ran up with Tim at his side and punched Darkness in the face at the same time! Darkness staggered back and scowled at us, "Oh will you just give up already" he roared, "I am more powerful than all of you! And will all be dead".

The Battle Continues:

Darkness swiped George in the face with the back of his hand, and then quickly turned around and banged Tim's head into George's head. Both my friends fell to the ground. I staggered over to Darkness and stopped him from kicking them. He tried to elbow me, but I pushed him back, jumped over Tim and George, and nailed him right in the chest! I tried to then kick him, but Darkness jumped in the air and kneed me in the face. I fell down with a crack. The freezing rain came down harder. Reflecting the way Darkness fought. My nose started to run, but I didn't know if it was blood or just snot. Darkness landed on me and slammed my face into the freezing snow. Tim hoisted himself back up and was able to take a branch and swing it at Darkness. The hit struck home and Darkness got a cut on his hardly-exposed neck. Before Tim could hit him again, Darkness back-flipped over me and stood tall and mighty. Everything grew silent for just a moment. The only sound you could hear, were the sounds of out heartbeats. The silence didn't last very long though, because Darkness jumped over me and elbowed Tim in his neck! I began to shiver so much I couldn't move my legs. I began to think I would die there. Then, out of nowhere, George came running up and tackled Darkness to the ground. Darkness elbowed him in the face and I could tell George was mad. While this was happening, Samantha dragged Tim to safety. She returned to find me trying to escape to a safer side of the house, and Darkness on George's chest, punching him in the face over and over again. George was strong, but he couldn't take Darkness. I knew if I got underneath the roof of the house for just a little bit, I could warm up, and fight better. But then what about George? he could be badly hurt. So I had to make a decision: either go under the roof and warm up... or save George but possibly freeze to death. So I chose...I turned back to help George. I stood up and (with my legs shaking) dashed over towards Darkness and pushed him off George. We all began to tumble down a hill. Darkness punched me and kicked George on the way down. No-matter what the condition, he could fight through it. But could I do the same? Snow began to get in my shoes, which caused me too sneeze uncontrollably. It felt as if my entire body was shutting down on me. It hurt so bad, I almost fell out of consciousness. "You're looking a little dizzy Brett" said Darkness getting ready to finish me off. "Maybe I didn't train you as well as I thought. Tim would be so disappointed."

More Pain:

Darkness grabbed me around the neck when we reached the bottom. Before he could do anything though, George punched Darkness in the back of his head as hard as he could. Darkness did a flip over me, but landed on his feet like a cat. Darkness charged at George, but before he could damage him, Samantha jumped in the way! Darkness rammed her out of his path like a charging rhino, causing her to fall back, screaming in pain. Our enemy then pushed George aside and walked up to Samantha. He was about to step on her, but I quickly tripped him and nearly tripped myself. Darkness's hood flew off and he growled in anger. "I am not amused!" he said as he circled me like a vulture. I stood still, waiting for him to make a move. Darkness quickly pivoted his foot, ran towards me, then kicked me in the chest. I flew back to the cold ground. I was beginning to freeze over. It became hard to breathe. No matter what, even if I won this fight, it looked like I would die all the same.

The Final Faze:

I punched Darkness in the face as he hovered above me. He quickly jumped back and charged into me, knocking me down another hill. We both rolled down it. I was all alone now, there was no-one coming to help me anymore. It was now fight or die. We were now heading straight for a frozen lake! The freezing rain got worse and made the slide even more dangerous. Darkness stopped our rolling and held me up by my ripped shirt. And with all the strength he had, Darkness started hitting me in the chest. He then threw me up in the air, jumped up, and kicked me in the chest. Causing me to lose my breath. Darkness acted as if he were about to hit me and I tried to punch him, but then he drew back, causing me to lose my balance! He took my arm and twisted it in such a way, that it snapped! I screamed in agony. My arm was broken, I was bleeding all over, my friends could be dead, and at this rate, it was obvious I could not beat him. Darkness was to strong! So how do you beat the un-beatable? For me there was only one answer: THINK! I reached back with my good arm and pushed him away from me. Darkness just laughed and kicked me back closer to the edge of the frozen lake! I had an idea that was just crazy enough, that it might work. I grabbed Darkness with both hands. Both arms were freezing and one was broken. I punched him with both hands. My blood felt like it had turned to blocks of ice, my lungs felt frozen too. The freezing rain continued harder. I grabbed Darkness and started pushing him towards the lake. It was the only thing I could think of. My broken arm and stinging body were dragging me down. But I would go down with him if I had to. I kept being hit over and over in the face and stomach. But I only tightened my grip and kept pushing him towards the lake. He held his feet into the snow, but I dragged him through it with all my might. I deserved all this for what I had done. And no-matter what I would make things right again. It was the last mission for me if it had to be. It was the most painful thing I had ever felt. Words cannot begin to describe the numbness in my body and the total agony I was in. I held back the scream but let a tear fall. The freezing rain was falling even harder, and the wind nearly blowing us away. I had Darkness's fist in my hand now. He kept yelling, telling me I couldn't do it, taunting me with every second. But I kept on trudging. I could do it, I could do it, I believed in myself! This wasn't just for me, it wasn't just for my friends, it wasn't even just for the school! I was doing this for everyone, so they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did. And finally, with all my might,... I pushed Darkness into the frozen lake! For a single moment, I thought it might be to far frozen, and it might support him. But it wasn't. And as Darkness fell in screaming, the ice broke off underneath him. Darkness went down yelling as loud as he could into the ice cold water. For a while, I stood there crying, waiting to see Darkness emerge from the icy water...but he didn't. Then... at that moment... the freezing rain began to stop.

The Ending:

Well it all ends this way. Darkness was supposedly dead in the lake. And I recovered from my wounds. It took some time, but I finally got my good arm back into business. I had to sit in boiling water for hours till the freezing feeling left me. But the memories of that horrible day would stay with me forever. Against all odds though, it didn't bother me. I had my friends and family. And that's all that really mattered. As for George, he finally got Samantha to really like him. At the big, school dance, I passed by them and saw they were closing in for a kiss. I just walked past and said "ew". I would still train him from time to time. And he doesn't mind. I then made my way back to the empty basketball field. It was getting late. As I was walking, I ran into George's new apprentice he had told me about. It was Tye! "Hey Tye, how are ya?" I asked happily "Good" said Tye with a smile. "How is George treating you?" I asked with a quick smirk. "He is a great teacher" said Tye "You taught him well." Those last three words gave me a feeling that can overpower any bad day I had. Despite all my faults, I think I had taught George very well. He was truly the future of the S.S.C. Later that day, I ran off to go find Tim. My master, my trainer, my friend. He had recovered from the fight as well, and was very happy to be back for good this time. He continued to teach me for years to come. As we threw a football back and forth, I realized that someday, maybe just maybe, we could come together and create a new age of heroes! After all, the school always needed some protection. I'll have to be honest, I was surprised that everybody forgave me for all I had done. This meant that they didn't' hate me after all. I had made a huge mistake about what I had done. But it was over now. I was back to my old self. I later had a huge party that day and half the kids in the school went to it. I ran out the door to see my friends that had just arrived. Tim, George, Samantha, and Tye. We all hugged. We were finally free!