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Brandon was born in 1936. In 1938, his younger sister, Summer was born. Brandon would go on to partner up with THEM and provide the group with new members. However, upon learning that THEM went against their end of the bargain and put Summer in harm's way, Brandon turned towards assisting the SSC by providing them with troops and getting information from friends of his who he had previously installed within THEM.

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Brandon was the older and protective brother of Summer. In 1955, he'd learn of Summer's involvement with the SSC and develop a tense air of hatred with Johnathan Coldwel, who he believed was going to end up getting his sister hurt. Eventually, realizing his threats towards Johnathan were doing no good, Brandon arranged a deal with Calvin Supco and his rising THEM forces, agreeing that if he provided new members (friends of his) to the group, then the SSC would be injured so badly beyond repair that Summer would be forced to leave out of fear (although the catch to this deal was that Summer was not permitted to be hurt in the process). Johnathan later became fully aware of Brandon's hand in supplying troops to THEM, but was unwilling to go after him due to his closeness with Summer, who wasn't aware of the deal. However, upon THEM sentencing Johnathan, Jacob, and Summer into a snowstorm wherein the trio nearly died, Brandon was able to learn of this betrayal and drive to their rescue, warming the three up at his house where he apologized for his deeds and vowed to assist the SSC from the sidelines to get back at THEM. It can be assumed that once Summer quit the SSC in 1956, Brandon had no more reason to assist the group and turned his back on it.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Brandon was an overprotective and sharp-tongued brother willing to do anything to keep his sister safe. Due to this, he was dead-set on getting her to leave Johnathan and the SSC no matter the cost. Brandon's plethora of friends made him a vital resource to THEM, who used him to supply troops under the false promise that they'd leave Summer alone and scare her out of the SSC. Despite his rash and aggressive behavior, Brandon would go on to realize the threat of THEM and begrudgingly work with the SSC to bring the group down both out of revenge and a hope to protect future victims of the group. Despite his efforts at helping the SSC and putting aside his rivalry with Johnathan, Brandon still wished that his sister would leave the group. Brandon was described as being tall, with short, light brown hair and very dark, green eyes. His eyebrows were quite short/thin and his skin tone was an average white coloration.