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Albert was born in 1944. He would go on to join the SSC during it's Golden Age in 1955. He'd play a major role in pushing the SSC towards adopting age limitations, an official name for itself, and rivalries of visions between Calvin and Johnathan. In 1957, Albert became the second leader of the SSC, going by the name 'Moral'. He'd later retire in 1964.

Biography Edit

Albert was 11 when he joined the SSC during following the rise of the Golden Age. Due to being so young, Johnathan and others struggled to identify whether an age limit should be established for security and safety. Ultimately, Albert was permitted to remain in the group and he'd later become passing friends with Summer as the two began thinking the group of fighters needed a name to stand by. This would (although not directly thought of by Albert) lead to the group naming themselves the "SSC" officially. Albert would later become an apprentice to Phaze and was nearly killed or severely injured after an attacker threatened to drop him down a well, only being stopped just in time by Calvin Supco. This close-call further divided Johnathan and Calvin on the morality of the SSC. Despite his injuries, Albert remained in the group, much to the surprise of Johnathan, who would commend Albert's bravery and tell him he'd make a fine leader one day. A year following the Johnathan Coldwel incident, Albert was made into the new leader of the SSC (under the name 'Moral') until his retirement in 1964. The sensitive nature of the former time period would go on to make it unclear to many if Moral was the first leader of the SSC or not.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Albert was incredibly brave and daring despite his young age, demonstrating levelheadedness and refraining from giving in to the ideology of revenge. He displayed sub-par fighting skills, though this was mainly due to his incredibly young age. Albert had a tendency to look towards the brighter side of things, and later put his good attitude and surprising leadership skills to the test upon being made leader of the SSC. In his early years, Albert was described as being short and baring messy red hair and freckles. His skin was fairly pale and his eyes were a dark green coloration.